Preview 2019 Prelim Final - Tigers v Cats @ Punt Rd Oval, Fri 7:50pm

Who will win?

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Aug 1, 2006
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Still would’ve preferred a different mix, rather than a lesser substitute. Push a narkle forward and bring in another mid. Oh well
Any decisions they were going to do is debatable, it's very hard to choose what will be rite... But I do understand what you think... It's very hard.

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May 16, 2012
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Its the ghost of Premiershipmond haunting them.
Edit: if you type Ninth”—“mond it changes to Premiershipmond. Try it yourself.
They are spooked, deleting stats, automodding comments.

That auto-correct has been around for ages.

I think it's because Chief was getting a lot of sooking about being called 9th monnnnd


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Nov 30, 2000
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It's been a long time since I've felt so utterly convinced we are so far off the pace compared to the team we're about to play. Maybe the last time was 1969, v Tigers of all teams, and we were smashed on and off the ground. As a little kid, their supporters seemed like they were possessed.
The win last week was nice, but this has such a 2017 feel about it, yet we bought tickets and went to Adelaide feeling some hope.....Until we walked up to the Adelaide Oval and played "Spot a Cats supporter" . It then hit us that we were about to experience something horribly unique- a thrashing in a final with minimal crowd support our way.
Tomorrow night could well be different, but how anyone could contemplate putting big $ on Geelong just tells me they have ca$h to spla$h.
Have been to some extraordinarily good prelims-
- 89 v Essendon- an amazing 170 point turnaround!!
- 94 v NM- the Hand of God game, Ablett kicking the winning goal after the siren, his only goal iirc.
- 07 v Pies- exasperatingly close, but a thrilling win.
- 09 v Pies- we were awesome, dare I say it, Hawkins was huge that night.
Who knows what we'll be writing about tomorrow night, but I have this eerie feeling like turning up to a really big exam you know you just haven't prepared well enough for. Crazy actually, because CS thinks we have done as much as we could, minus Tomahawk.
Always nice to read your weekly dose of optimism before a game, in particular a massive Prelim Final.

Such is the case I'm not sure how we've managed to win a game, let alone the 17 to this point.
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year of the cat

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Mar 27, 2006
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My biggest issue is how we handle the pressure, if we are blown away early my biggest fear.
If we go toe to toe with them early and don't get blown away, I expect us to finish stronger
I’m hoping that last weeks game may help in that regard. That and thankfully not coming off a weeks rest. I’d say the playing group should be in no doubt now what intensity is required in a final from the siren to compete.


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Oct 9, 2010
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Game Day peeps... get fired up !!!!

GO Catters


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