Competitions 2019 Richmond Board Player of the Year - Leaderboard updated as of Round 12

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Hi all,

Each week in autopsy threads we have a poll where we vote for our best players. Michaels has done a leaderboard in the podcast in the past but has since left that out due to time constraints. I've decided to turn this into our own Richmond board MVP thread.

Each week once the Autopsy polls close, I will do a Round by Round update of the top five players in the game including a leader board, so make sure you get your weekly votes in to decide the 2019 Richmond Board MVP!

Current Leaderboard (As of Round 12)

1. Sydney Stack, Dustin Martin: 23
2. Bachar Houli: 19
3. Tom Lynch, Dylan Grimes: 13
4. Liam Baker: 11
5. Nick Vlastuin: 10
6. Shane Edwards, Dion Prestia 9
7. Brandon Ellis: 8
8. Trent Cotchin: 7
9. Kamdyn, Mcintosh, Shai Bolton, Jack Ross, 6
10. Toby Nankervis: 5
11. Connor Menadue, Jack Higgins, Kane Lambert: 3
12. Daniel Rioli, Jack Graham: 2
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