Preview 2019 Round 19 - Collingwood vs Richmond @MCG, Friday July 27, 7:50 PM

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I’m kind of worried about the ins.

I rate Elliott a lot more than some of you guys. I think he’s a very talented footballer who will never reach his potential due to having so many injuries and is genuine best 22 for the wobbles.

Thomas always kicks multiple goals against us as well, and he’s someone I don’t rate. :(

I’m looking forward to the game and I hope the boys have a genuine fire in their bellies to smash the wobbles, I won’t survive a close match against them and all their ‘but if only we had this person playing’ if it’s a close game will annoy the crap out of me. :(
Give Baker first crack on Elliot, should be a good matchup.

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Not open for further replies.

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