Injury 2019 Saints Injuries

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Jul 6, 2005
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Anyone seen the picture of Gearys leg? Unbelievable stuff. I really didn't enjoy looking at it.. made me physically ill. Amazing that a corky has caused that.
Probably the most gruesome looking football injury picture I've seen, just amazed the guy is in the gym on a bike!! that sort of superhuman effort ends up as the stuff of legends!! Onya Gears!!

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 8, 2016
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St Kilda
At the time, our tall defenders were, Brown and Joyce, with Joyce looking improved but his sole AFL game had been lack lustre.
Wilkie was drafted, but not tried, and surely we have doubts about his potential to play full back.
Battle had never played in defence. ( many of us were sceptical ).
It kind of made sense to try to get Gilbert, then get Rowe.

With Joyce looking comfortable at AFL level, and Battle thriving in defence, Wilkie tearing it apart as a third tall and Marsh in the wings, i'd certainly hope we were no longer looking towards Gilbert.
I'd prefer a ruck or midfielder.
Talking about the backline it's just fantastic how Josh Battle who is still a 20yr old with only 13 games under his belt is holding down a key position in the backline , imagine how good he will be in a couple years.
Add in Wilkie who has played 6 games and is playing like a veteran , we have found some real gems and you can add Paton in there as well.
This set up will set us up for many years to come which will project us to the top end of the ladder.
Marshall is another who has been absolutely huge , people don't realize how the guy makes of midfield so much better.
Rated 15th in Stoppage Clearances Per Game which to me is a great indicator on how well the team plays.
Only topline mids usually get these figures
Just take a look at who is above him and below - this why poor Longer was torched by many of us on here because he doesn't have any impact at all at stoppages.

1 Ben Cunnington Kangaroos 6 7 v Port Adelaide, Round 6 5.50
1 Matthew Kreuzer Blues 2 7 v Hawthorn, Round 6 5.50
3 Joshua Kelly Giants 4 5 v Sydney, Round 6 5.25
4 Patrick Cripps Blues 6 3 v Hawthorn, Round 6 5.17
4 Lachie Neale Lions 6 3 v Gold Coast, Round 6 5.17
6 Josh P. Kennedy Swans 6 8 v GWS, Round 6 5.00
7 Nathan Fyfe Dockers 5 3 v Western Bulldogs, Round 6 4.80
8 Thomas Liberatore Bulldogs 6 3 v Fremantle, Round 6 4.50
8 Clayton Oliver Demons 6 4 v Richmond, Round 6 4.50
10 Travis Boak Power 6 6 v North Melbourne, Round 6 4.33
10 Tom Rockliff Power 6 6 v North Melbourne, Round 6 4.33
10 Luke Shuey Eagles 6 8 v Geelong, Round 6 4.33
10 Trent Cotchin Tigers 3 4 v GWS, Round 3 4.33
14 Rory Sloane Crows 6 0 v St Kilda, Round 6 4.17
15 Sam Walsh Blues 6 5 v Hawthorn, Round 6 4.00
15 Jaeger O'Meara Hawks 5 5 v Carlton, Round 6 4.00
15 Andrew Gaff Eagles 4 6 v Geelong, Round 6 4.00
15 Rowan Marshall Saints 4 1 v Melbourne, Round 5 4.00
19 Luke Parker Swans 6 2 v GWS, Round 6 3.83
19 James Worpel Hawks 6 2 v Carlton, Round 6 3.83
21 Jack Steven Saints 4 4 v Adelaide, Round 6 3.75
22 Stephen Coniglio Giants 6 3 v Sydney, Round 6 3.67
22 Touk MillerSuns 6 5 v Brisbane, Round 6 3.67
22 Luke Dunstan Saints 3 2 v Fremantle, Round 3 3.67
25 Marcus Bontempelli Bulldogs 6 3 v Fremantle, Round 6 3.50
25 Angus Brayshaw Demons 6 2 v Richmond, Round 6 3.50
25 Patrick Dangerfield Cats 6 2 v West Coast, Round 6 3.50
25 Brodie Grundy Magpies 6 3 v Essendon, Round 6 3.50
25 Tim Kelly Cats 6 3 v West Coast, Round 6 3.50
25 Jack Steele Saints 6 4 v Adelaide, Round 6 3.50

You will notice most of the players are inside mids and if Marshall didn't have the below average game against Gawn he would most probably number 1.

If you notice he is above Steven , Dunstan and Steele so it just shows he is a prime mover.

Dunstan as we know is a grunt at the stoppages but his clearances are far from clean compared to Marshall - just have a look back at a few games and watch Marshall clearing handballs out of the packs , they are not dinky little 2m handballs to a guy about to get smashed.

Who would of thought we would get a ruckman who is a elite inside mid and having only played 17 games and being only 23yr of age he would have to be the hottest property of any ruckman running around - the skys the limit.

Also talking about our draft picks , whoever picked this guy as a rookie basically found the diamond in the rough - it just might make up for the loss of McCartin.

The same can be said about Battle , Paton , Wilkie , Parker and Joyce has shown he can perform and the improvement on this kid has to be seen to be believed - last year he never looked like making it - he transformed from a skinny kid to a strong defender who you can depend upon.

We are tracking great and with Hunter , King , Coffield , Bytel developing and once they develop from boys to men we are going to be a hell of a team.

Go Saints.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 8, 2016
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St Kilda
So Stuv is out on an extended break. Will we ever see him again? Either way, the injury list is turning into a slow motion train wreck.
Just having Steven out of the side is going to hurt us , however the others have to step up - hopefully Acres gets more time in the middle and of course Hunter should come straight back in.
Just the one out will change a lot of things , at Sandringham I hope it allows Coffield to get time in the middle , I don't want him to be playing as a bloody half back flanker.
Coffield when played in the right position will be a game winner , he has the skill to cut through lines and deliver with good disposal.


May 19, 2013
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Feb 26, 2012
East Bentleigh
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So Stuv is out on an extended break. Will we ever see him again? Either way, the injury list is turning into a slow motion train wreck.
Disappointing news for all, hope Steven somehow manages to get on top of his issues..
Nick Hind should immediately be given Steven's role, with a guarantee of 3-4 games..

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