Injury 2019 Saints Injuries

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Oct 16, 2016
Melbourne CBD
AFL Club
St Kilda
What do you mean? We only have Geary, Webster, DMac, Savage, White, Rice, Robbo, Newnes, Paton and Hind that can do that.

Clearly 10 players that can play as a small / medium lock down defender AND rebound is not enough.

*Actually its 12 if you count Wilkie and Battle who are basically the same height as Coff (makes him lucky number 13).

I guess we have given up the midfield experiment to ensure that we have at least 1/3rd of our list that can play as a small / medium lockdown defender that can rebound.

Seriously though, given our non existent midfield depth, and all the noise about making him a mid, it is an interesting call to give up the experiment so quickly (especially when he has played basically everywhere except as a mid so far this year). But given he is a much better kick than almost all of that list, I can see the logic. Fingers crossed they just let him settle in one position and develop!

That sums it up mate , yes we have plenty others that can play that position but how many have his class , of the 13 named how many would be in our best back half in a year or so ? My guess would be Coff, Battle,Wilkie ,White i left the rest out because of age, medical issues or because i think they are just good ordinary players who we can cover
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