Injury 2019 Saints Injuries

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Oct 18, 2011
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St Kilda
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Confirmation that Steele is set to miss 2-3 more weeks.

King set to miss a few weeks with a high ankle sprain.
Bit more than that by the looks of things. I doubt that he will play again this year. So the the Messiah complex is free to run rampant until March 2020.

AFL Injury list 21/6

"King will miss at least six weeks with a right ankle syndesmosis issue, but he could be out for the season, depending on how that settles."


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May 6, 2014
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St Kilda
King to have surgery on ankle and may not play again this year. AFL site...
His lower body does not look built for the rigours of football.

Be very (pleasantly) surprised if he didn't have significant periods on the sideline throughout his career. See Daniher.


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Sep 10, 2015
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St Kilda
I guess our quest to be the fittest team in the comp is breaking players.
I’m not sure that’s true as we haven’t had many soft tissue/stress injuries.

Kent, Phillips, Hanneberry (although he was inherited).

Steele, King, Lonie, Geary, Longer, Austin, Bruce, Webster, White, McCartin, Paton, McKenzie, Clavarino, Pierce, Langlands all contact injuries.

Bytel and Carlisle back injuries.

Steven and Roberton.

3/22 although I may have missed some?
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