Prediction 2019 Saints Rookie Of The Year

Who will be the 2019 Saints rookie of the year?

  • Max King

  • Jack Bytel

  • Matthew Park

  • Nick Hind

  • Robbie Young

  • Callum Wilkie

  • Oscar Clavarino

  • Other

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All Australian
Apr 1, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Why do you think these blokes that have been playing in second rate comps are just going to walk in a get a gig , its not going to be that easy and some of your You'd thinks are just crazy .
Its pretty hard to pick who will have the most impact IMO as we had a few regulars out for large chunks this year that have got to come back in and if both fit Hannas and Kent would be starting 22 so not sure we are going to have room for too many of the new guys unless they are on fire for Sandy and we have to pick them
The question was rookie of the year and I reckon Parker is the most likely to get games imo. Ideally none of them play and we win the flag but you can't predict injuries and who shines through the preseason..
Nov 26, 2007
AFL Club
St Kilda
I’ll take Parker based on my expectation that King won’t play much this year.

Hopefully the 3 mature age blokes plus Long & Kent are all flying this year and we have some genuine pace on the field in multiple positions
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