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Sep 17, 2017
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Yes, correct on both counts.

Cameron is 14th overall for goals, 74th for goal assists and 34th for tackles inside forward 50 (each per game).

The definition of the two queried statistics are generally accepted as follows:

Score Involvement: When a player is involved in an unbroken passage of play which leads to a score.

Goal Assist: Creating a goal by getting the ball to a teammate either via a disposal, knock-on, ground kick or hitout, or by winning a free kick before the advantage is paid to the goal scorer.

The former describes an involvement in a play that culminated in a score. That could be varied as a chain initiator, link-up role, assister or scorer.

The latter describes only plays that directly create a goal for a teammate.
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Aug 14, 2004
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Ratings updated from the Round 17 meltdown.

Just as the squad was coming together, injuries again take their toll.

Kennedy fails to attain above a B rating for the first time ever in this ranking scheme since its beginning in Round 1, 2015.
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