Official Club Stuff 2019 St.Kilda Membership Thread (42,910 - 31/07/2019)

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Aug 17, 2015
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Those figures from 2018 are wrong.

In May the club confirmed we finished the season with 45,678 members.

In 2018 the club reached 45,678 members and has 294,000 supporters. 1 in 5 AFL supporters in the Bayside region of Melbourne (Port Melbourne through to Portsea) support the Saints while outside of Victoria, we have strong support in WA, NSW, QLD and TAS.
So it's not a 3000+ decrease. It's 2640 if we believe the figures reported for 2019 as 43,038...which I also doubt now that they already got last years wrong.

I'd wait for the financials to come out before making any judgement.
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