List Mgmt. 2019 Trade & Free Agency Thread

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Apr 26, 2008
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Who was his development coach at North for the preseason?
How the fu** am I supposed to know? I'm just posting what I saw. I have not seen or heard anything from the club that suggests he has been trialled as a forward and subsequently deemed s**thouse enough that he was pigeonholed as a backman. As early as a pre season game on a suburban ground, he was playing on a HBF and didn't go near the forward line


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Jul 21, 2019
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But if we took him as a rookie, someone else would’ve been taken in the main draft in his place. So net effect on $ would be zero?

Or are you saying we should’ve gone for a 38/6 list this year?
That’s an option or we could have elevated Zurhaar rather than keep him on the Rookie list for 3 years. Reckon after breaking his ankle trying to ruck for us he’s earned it.


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Apologies to those that hate this stuff, but...meh.

Start with picks 5, 23, 41, 70 (Brisbane) & 77.

Trade 1 - Picks 23 & 41 to Sydney for Papley and pick 52 (Papley equiv. to pick 18).

Trade 2 - Higgins and pick 52 to Geelong for pick 16 (Higgins equiv. to pick 23, noting we pay part of his salary).

Trade 3 - Wood to Hawthorn for pick 26.

Trade 4 - Dumont to Adelaide for pick 27.

Trade 5 - Macmillan to Essendon for pick 28.

Trade 6 - Picks 26, 27 & 28 to GWS for picks 10, 49 & 2020 3rd Rd pick (GWS gain 427 points this year, offset by next year's pick ~250 points).

Trade 7 - Turner and pick 70 to Gold Coast for pick 51 (Turner equiv. pick 54).

Outs: Higgins, Wood, Dumont, Macmillan, Turner, Wright, Thompson, Hrovat & Watson.
Ins: Papley, Zurhaar and picks 5, 10, 16, 49, 51, & 77, as well as the GWS 2020 3rd Rd pick.

Three first round picks, with a couple around the 50 mark which would be well placed for live trading.

With the extra pick next year, well placed to get a second first round pick next year too.

Rookies: Out: Zurhaar and Wilkinson. In: Hosie and picks 5 & 23. Go with a 38/6 senior/rookie list next year. With a handy rookie list of T Murphy, Hosie, McKenzie, Hayden & 2 x picks, aiming for at least a couple of the rookies to improve enough next year to be promoted at end 2020.
I get that this is your schtick, but stop hacking other people's accounts.

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Jul 29, 2014
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According to Ricky Nixon this morning Higgins is going to the Cats .. toot toot.

The Real Deal here is the BIGGEST FOOTY SHATTERING NEWS EVER at Arden St & Moorabbin with your best players both wanting to be Catters - oh dear - bye bye - we are GEELONG soon to be greatest team of all hey Higgo & Stevo - don’t tell anyone

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May 16, 2019
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Saturday Night was the recession we had to have.

Higgo, Goldy, Thommo gone.

A whole bunch of mid range players should be very worried.

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