News 2019 Trade News Compendium

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The Ghost Who Walks
Sep 20, 2004
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
AFL trade news 2019: Callum Ah Chee to Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast Suns trade, former top 10 pick traded (Tom Morris, Fox Sports, 16/10)

Gold Coast has agreed to trade Callum Ah Chee for a future second and a future fourth round pick.

The Suns had originally wanted Pick 21 from the Lions, but Brisbane up until earlier this week were only offering Pick 34.

Ultimately the two clubs agreed to deal only in future selections.

Pick 21 was originally Gold Coast’s pick, having traded to the Lions in 2018.

Under AFL regulations, clubs are unable to trade picks back to the club from which they came in direct deals.

But given last year’s pick was traded as a future selection, and the Suns and Lions engaged in the trade not knowing where it would land, it could have been sent back to Gold Coast.

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