Toast 2020 “Thaihawk” Poster of the year

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Strapping Young Lad

previously grumbleguts
Apr 19, 2006
Your local Satanist Cabal
AFL Club
Other Teams
Spurs, Socceroos

As a tribute to all that he brought to the board this award is now named after Thaihawk, who consistently added great discussion, historical insight and thought to many threads across this board.

If we could have your nominations for who you think was the best poster of 2020, and best encapsulated the spirit with which Thaihawk posted, I will then set up a separate thread with a poll of the posters with the most nominations. 👍

Go at it.
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Ned Ryerson

Future Captain
Sep 23, 2012
Punxsutawney, PA
AFL Club
It's a pretty low bar if old 'short sentences, big statements' TwitterDurden wins it.

The training reporters do good work. I like MrPremiership 's posting
Tyler brings a lot of knowledge to the table outside posting various links. I think shitting on a consistently fair minded and non-spiteful poster is a bit poor.


Premium Platinum
Mar 5, 2007
Lou's Tavern
AFL Club
Topiary, SYL, HBD, Axeman, TFP, Stratton24, LindaCres

Don't like singling out posters, as this board is by far the best out of all the clubs.

Plenty of inside mail, good training reports, and content that makes the media read it and even run stories.

Mods doing a great job too. Keep it up.

Oh, and the memes are gold


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