Banter 2020-2021 Offseason offtopic chat thread

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Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2002
AFL Club
It certainly did. Especially in the earlier series's. Was great.
The chick out of 2 broke girls had huge tits but it was a preety crap show.
Never got Big Bang theory. Just don't get how it's funny. But it was on all the time.
In order.....

Line 1: Yes. Yes. Yes.
Line 2: Absolutely yes. And yes.
Line 3: Had its moments early. Not as bad I feel as others (i.e. just about every Australian comedy of the last 20 years), but yeah.

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Premium Platinum
Jul 2, 2005
AFL Club
Yeah. Used to do it all the time. He had porno pictures all around his house.
He put speech bubbles on most of them too. Saying like Hello Brett, I want to root you tonight.
Like fair dinkum its his house he can do what he likes.

But... i wouldnt exactly want to go into that house. Think its tacky af

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