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May 8, 2006
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While we are waiting for the AFL pre season to work through (and any rationed crumbs of info and puffies from the club), thought it might be interesting to speculate on some of the big 2020 challenges for the club.

Here’s my list -

  1. Injury management. We were lucky last year relative to many other clubs. Already have some challenges.
  2. Quickly getting the right team balance - nailed it last year and it landed us Minor premiership. Ruck, forward structure, rotation of oldies and short term coverage for injured defenders all stand out as issues.
  3. Coaching - game style, prep and game day (as usual), including for post byes (have they learned? Hmm ... will find out)
  4. Start to the season - 3 interstate (2 in Perth) and 2 finalists and Hawks at G in first 6. Richmond then Swans in Sydney soon after.
  5. General improvement in opposition lists - most will improve, with some (IMO - Norf, Port, Dogs) possible bolters. Also, can’t see any obvious sliders in the other top 7 from last year.
  6. Getting AFL games into under 24yo talent and development effectiveness of VFL program.
  7. List management for beyond - this is massive, IMO - we finally have a deeply talented squad, maybe best since 2001. With some coming out of contract, other clubs circling and a trove of 1st rounds in 2020 - there will be some massively important decisions during the year.

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