News 2020 AFL Fixture

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Premiership Player
Sep 24, 2015
AFL Club
Is it true that a number of Vic teams will head of to Perth for the next 4 rounds? Wonder if Collingwood, Richmond, Essendon, Hawthorn, Geelong would be part of the group?
I’d like to see us play some interstate teams in the next batch of games, in case crowds start coming back. Not much home ground advantage without the crowds (although Geelong is different due to shape of ground and less grandstand coverage of wind).


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 22, 2014
AFL Club
Interesting take on things, I actually see it as the opposite to a 'mickey mouse' season. It's the first time since 1986 season that the premiership will be decided after having a fair and equitable draw in the home and away season.

The best thing that could happen for footy is to keep the 17 round season going into the future, the uneven draw makes it a farce.
I see where you're coming from - the fixture in and of itself is "fairer" in that way. However when you factor in things like coaching/support staff layoffs (which hits the weaker/developing teams a lot harder), the hub system (which sees some sides playing 4-6 week blocks while based in interstate hotels), some games with crowds and others without, the interrupted preparation over the last few months etc.

I mean...the game is never going to be perfectly "fair" for all sides. But this season in particular has been so disrupted, and there's so many bandaid solutions being applied to try and make things work, that I think it's about as unbalanced as you're going to get. Hats off to the side that wins it, they will certainly have done well, but I'm not putting much stock in this year's flag vs. any other season.

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