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Aug 29, 2013
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Coburg VFL
I'm happy with the no Friday night games scenario.
As someone who prefers attending games to watching on TV i'd be really happy if all our games were on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

That's just my personal preference but overall I really don't worry about the draw. When we are a good enough team nobody will care where, when , who we play as long as we are winning.


Jul 25, 2019
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Leeds United
Reckon it is a bit rough on the old Fitzroy fans that they only get to play 4 games in Melbourne (plus 1 in Geelong) next year. Gregg Swann, as usual, has totally misread the wishes of the constituents (supporters) of his club and applauded the fixture.

The Brisbane Lions seem to me more of an actual 'takeover than merger with every passing season.

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Aug 26, 2004
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:carlton: CARLTON :carlton:

Round 1: Richmond at MCG, Thursday March 19 at 7.25pm (Away)
Round 2: Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium, Saturday March 28 at 4.35pm (Home)
Round 3: Essendon at MCG, Thursday April 2 at 7.20pm (Home)
Round 4: Sydney Swans at SCG, Sunday April 12 at 1.10pm (Away)
Round 5: Hawthorn at Marvel Stadium, Sunday April 19 at 3.20pm (Away)
Round 6: North Melbourne at MCG, Sunday April 26 at 3.20pm (Home)
Round 7: Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, Saturday May 2 at 4.35pm (Away)
Round 8: St Kilda at Marvel Stadium, Saturday May 9 at 7.25pm (Away)
Round 9: Collingwood at MCG, Sunday May 17 at 1.10pm (Home)
Round 10: Adelaide at Adelaide Oval, Saturday May 23 at 4.35pm (Away)
Round 11: Western Bulldogs at Marvel Stadium, Saturday May 30 at 7.25pm (Away)
Round 12: GWS Giants at Marvel Stadium, Saturday June 6 at 7.25pm (Home)

Round 13: BYE

Round 14: Fremantle at Optus Stadium, Saturday June 20 at 4.35pm (Away)
Round 15: Geelong at Marvel Stadium, Saturday June 27 at 4.35pm (Home)
Round 16: Gold Coast Suns at Metricon Stadium, Sunday July 5 at 1.10pm (Away)
Round 17: Sydney Swans at Marvel Stadium, Sunday July 12 at 3.20pm (Home)
Round 18: Brisbane Lions at Marvel Stadium, Sunday July 19 at 3.20pm (Home)
Round 19: West Coast Eagles at MCG, Saturday July 25 at 1.45pm (Home)
Round 20: North Melbourne at Marvel Stadium, Sunday August 2 at 1.10pm (Away)
Round 21: Richmond at MCG, Sunday August 9 at 1.10pm (Home)
Round 22: Melbourne at MCG, Saturday August 15 at 1.45pm (Away)
Round 23: St Kilda at Marvel Stadium, Time and Date TBC (Home)

Thanks Chief
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Oct 3, 2013
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Teams we play twice:-

Richmond, Western Bulldogs, St Kilda, Sydney, Norf
that's pretty tough...out of all the top teams Richmond is the best and therefore worst to play twice.

Dogs seem to be a team on the up while saints and north have done well against us recently. Of middle teams would much prefer port and Adelaide.

Don't get to play gold coast twice. Would also have likes to have seen freo and Melbourne as double ups.


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Oct 1, 2010
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If you ever wanted definitive proof that the AFL has it in for us then the following table is all you need to see.



We have a more difficult draw based on 2019 than:

Richmond -- won the premiership
Brisbane -- finished top four
Essendon & Western Bulldogs -- made finals
Adelaide, Port Adelaide, St. Kilda, Sydney, and Fremantle -- all finished above us.

That's four finals teams including the premier and five other teams that all finished above us.

We have a schedule of equal strength to that of the minor premier (11.18 wins per opponent)!

We were a bottom three team yet we've never been treated like one by the AFL when it comes to fixturing even though in their almighty governance deemed us not worthy of prime time coverage and have again taken away our marquee match ups from us.

Essendon, St. Kilda/North, Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne should have been our 5 double ups.

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