AFL 2020 - AFL Round 18 (no aftertiming allowed)

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Premiership Player
Oct 6, 2011
Auckland, New Zealand
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Other Teams
Patriots, Perth Glory, Wildcats
can only tune into the 1 game tomorrow as I have some other stuff to do. I'll tune into the Crows and Richmond tomorrow. Reckon Crows are a decent shout at doing the Eagles and Geelong a favour by winning tomorrow.


Premiership Player
Nov 17, 2016
AFL Club
Bets for first game tomorrow
AMT AGS, Stringer AGS & Daniher AGS $3.53 boosted to $3.76 NEDS - none of these players kicked a goal last game, predicting a turn around this time.
Stringer 2+ $3.50 TAB - Kicked 4 against us last year, hasn't kicked 2+ since round 14, getting opportunities though kicking 1.1 and 0.2 last two games.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 6, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
Using my aforementioned method of somewhat de-risking thurs and fri 3 leg multis on sportsbest with their bonus bet offer, I'm rolling with the following 3 multis this evening:

Cogs to get 20
Cogs to get 15
Hopper to get 15
paying $2 boosted

Ross to get 20
Ross to get 15
Clark to get 15
paying 3.12 boosted

Cameron to score 2
Cameron anytime goal
Hill to get 15
paying 2.90 boosted

Nothing extravagant, but i see it as a nice way of improving the odds on bets that blokes will get 20 or kick 2 goals, while being covered by a return bonus bet if they only kick 1 goal or only get 15 (and of course the other leg gets up.)

For instance, instead of just taking cameron to kick 2+ goals at $2, I now get that at $2.90, with the protection of a bonus bet back if he only kicks 1.
(of course hill needs to also get 15 for that bonus bet coverage, but i think that's a shoe in)

Those 3rd legs- hopper clark and hill getting 15 are pretty close to locks in my book.
Well that was 1 seb ross handball or garbage kick away from working very well and being up 100 clams overall.

Still, of the 3 multis, 1 win, 1 loss (win @ $2 covered the losing multi)... and the third got 2/3legs so bonus bet back.

So I'm back we're I started, but had fun doing so.

And go saints!


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 25, 2013
Laughing at all the minnows
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Other Teams
Norwich City, Detroit Pistons
Brisbane v Carlton Bets
O McInerney AGS $2.75 TAB
Cameron AGS, McKay AGS & Martin AGS $3.67 NEDS
I'll be putting some faith in the big O again too. Stefan Martin in for the Lions which you think would give McInerney a lot more time forward.

McInerney 2.50 lads, 9.50, 46 sb


Team Captain
May 20, 2016
AFL Club
the 100$ to 5k saturday same game multi

well it's the last round of the regular season so fu**kkk it boys. 3 games 3 same game multis combined at 52.48 Boosted at Lads (44.26 unboosted)

First SGM - Brown AGS/Weid AGS/Daniher AGS/Merret 20+/Oliver 20+
Second SGM - Martin AGS/Riewoldt 2g+/Matt Crouch 20+/Laird 20+
Third SGM - Mckay 2+/Cameron AGS/Neale 20+

100 -> 5248

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