AFL 2020 - AFL Round 8

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May 20, 2016
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Stay with me but Josh Walker went fwd against tiges last week took some good clunks and should have kicked 4. On Sportsbet he's 3.50 the single, 19s for 2 and 100-1 for 3. He may just go back but since Ben brown has turned into a vegetable, could be worth a nibble.
great find, if he goes forward 19$ for 2 is outrageous

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May 8, 2006
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Actually think the dees could really push Brisbane on neutral metricon turf. Normally don't have faith but we seem to be gelling to hublife team Harmony growing, and Jetta is an ok match up for Cameron. As long as our mids bring that hunting manic pressure again, think Viney to Neale will be good too for him to have a real purpose going into the match


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Jan 25, 2019
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Gone are the days where a dedicated player would have their finger amputated and continue to play. :drunk:
Tape it up and get back out there surely. Touchen up Jordan (he says from his loungeroom sat in front of the heater because there's a bit of a chill)

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Mar 15, 2001
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Western Bulldogs
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I can't help but think the Suns are good value playing at home against an inconsistent Bulldogs.

They're 3-1 at Metricon this year, with their loss coming in round one against Port. They're 3-0 there since the break. Granted their wins have been against West Coast when they weren't in form, Adelaide and Freo.

Bulldogs are way too inconsistent. For some reason, since returning from the break, the Bulldogs have won all four of their free-to-air games convincingly, while losing their two Fox Footy matches convincingly. It may sound ridiculous to suggest the Bulldogs play better when their matches are on free-to-air (thus attracting a large audience), but I was listening to the latest Barkly Street Podcast with Bob Murphy and Bontempelli, and Bont specifically mentioned that several teammates thrive on the big stage, and specially made reference to the Big Stage being "free-to-air" matches. This comment was made after Bob asked Bont why the Bulldogs have been inconsistent. Make of that what you will.


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Oct 4, 2006
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Looks a good round for punting.

Coming off two shockers this is a mini Grand Final for the Hawks. And who would you prefer to play in a mini GF? Melbourne. Hawks have plenty of time to prepare and should turn the ship around.
ok epic fail here. Not only did I not get the response that I expected from the Hawks (poor effort figures with tackles and contested ball) inhere I underated Melbourne who were very good.

But let's list all teams that have been objectively atrocious this year:

WC rounds 2, 3, 4 - cleared line vs Syd
Rich rounds 3 and 4 - cleared line vs Melb
WB rounds 1 and 2 - cleared line vs Syd
GC (perhaps debatable if they were truly bad these games) rounds 5 and 6 - cleared line vs Syd
Ade rounds 2, 3 and 4 - should have cleared line vs Freo (probably would have come close to winning with better goal accuracy)
Syd rounds 4 and 5 - narrowly missed covering but played well and lost Heeney and Kennedy to injury

The point is that teams tend to turn things around pretty quickly and it's extremely rare for a team to have more than 3 shockers in a row complete with media and internal scrutiny. The other benefit is that Syd seem to be the team to play if you need a confidence boosting win.

Hawks certainly have the coach and cattle because as bad as they've been early in the year they thrashed Bris and Rich. On paper they're a far better team than Syd so i'm keen to back the Hawks in "mini GF mark 2" here with a reasonable amount of confidence.


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Jun 16, 2018
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North Melbourne
Top work by those of you who got on Walker. Spewing I missed out.

In saying that, I think the real value in the Carlton game is the margin markets. $6 for 40+ seems overs, looking at both team's last few weeks.

If North aren't tanking, if this is honestly the best we've got, we're in a world of hurt. But I think there may be some funnybuggers going on...

Ohh Ok

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Jul 31, 2018
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3.5u GWS -5.5 @ $2 (lads)
0.5u GWS 40+ @ $8 (365)

Bet of the round?

-Grand Final rematch Friday night, except this time round Richmond will be without Caddy, Cotchin, Houli, Edwards, Prestia, Nankervis, Ellis (Asturbry looks likely to return which is a plus for the Tiges). GWS will have a bit of extra grunt to bring to his one after being embarrassed last September and have the opportunity to play at their home this time round.
-Toby Greene expected to return, a huge in for the Giants.
-Some of the GWS stars beginning to find some form.
-Taranto a game better.
-Giants up against the wall. They'd still rate themselves as premiership fancies, but a few losses sees them currently outside the 8.
-GWS go into this one a little undervalued due to facing IMO 3/4 of the benchmark sides in the comp in the last 4 weeks (Port, Bris, Collingwood). In which they narrowly scraped past Collingwood, put the Hawks to the sword the following week, before fading late to the Power and being out done by the Lions. This has seen the line already move from -4.5 to 5.5.
-You could also make a case for the Tigers being overvalued. Wins vs a depleted Sydney, and a lowly out of form Kangaroos (arguably the 16th and 17th sides in the comp) in both matches key players were missing and lost early.
-Giants sit 18th in the comp for average inside 50s per game and have failed to win this count in any game this season. This has been made up by their high efficiency rate when entering the forward 50 (second best in comp). The Giants have copped a bit of flack for this stat and will be aware that they're not playing at the best. I expect them to completely dominate the midfield battle this week and attempt to get the ball inside their 50 a little quicker.


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Oct 24, 2008
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Tipungwuti must have burnt bookies in the past. For someone that is averaging a goal a game his goalscoring odds are horrible.

Might chuck a few dollars on Aliir Aliir for 2+,3+,4+ with SB. The Hawks are awful including their backline.

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