Game Day 2020 AFLW Rnd 4 - Richmond vs Geelong, Sat 29 Feb, Queen Elizabeth Oval Bendigo , 3.10pm Melb time

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Hall of Famer
May 17, 2004
Punt Rd ‘17? ‘19?
AFL Club
She played in a pretty good Bulldogs side so sometimes you wonder just how good some players are when they are surrounded by quality players.

Well, she picked up our side and carried them on her back for four quarters last weekend so we can safely say she is unbelievably good and has heaps of improvement in her. Scary for other teams when you think how good she will be when she is in her prime 3 or 4 years down the track.

Doesn't turn 21 until December. Your "captain" prediction is also a very good one.
Yep , hope she’s happy At Tigerland, has a long career ahead and would be in the spotlight for expansion clubs in years ahead . I imagine she would be, we got a good track record for being place to be

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