Podcast 2020 Bigfooty NFL Podcast - Episode 2

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
AFL Club
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In this week's Episode, we look back at the 2020 NFL draft:
  • Did the Vikings get value from all those picks - Sven what do you think??;
  • Is Claypool the next Megatron?
  • Is Burrows better than Rivers already?
  • Is the GG.exe approach catching on with teams?
  • Was that a fake Raiders pickboard behind their coaches?

And then we debut the new featured segment - come on down to eat at fuey 's buffet!
Who else will you meet while you eat?

And we do battle once again in the great game of TEE...

Let us know what you think!


Last week's episode is at https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/2020-bigfooty-nfl-podcast.1241153/

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Sep 6, 2005
AFL Club
Very nice podcast guys.
The topics and the discussions are getting better each episode.
TEE is a very tricky game.
I agree with Brasher on the Jimmy-Kittle-Bosa one....in terms of you gotta keep Bosa, and Kittle cost a 5th but could garner a 1st, so youd definitely do that. And with the pick you get for Kittle you could draft Garoppolos replacement.
On that too Bpg was wrong about not getting trade value for Bosa, citing Mack...but the Raiders got two 1sts and a 2nd for Mack from the Bears.

My only constructive criticism....not sure if its the audio drop outs when recording, or the post-production editing...but a lot of words and sentences were cut off when piecing the podcast together...and the music mixed too loud....should try to tweak the music levels down to the audio level of the talking...make it more balanced.

But that aside, great job, and definitely Ep2 was full of much more engaging discussion and debate. Good signs for Ep3.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 6, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Vikings, South Fremantle
nice discussion guys

I’m a big fan of the Vikings approach to the draft. At best, the draft is a crap shoot and why go with 7 picks when you can take 15? The Vikings had plenty of holes on the roster and couldn’t spend in free agency due to a dire salary cap situation. The all or nothing approach in the draft is the result.

the lack of an off-season will probably hurt the Vikings, but an expanded practice squad means that none of the draft picks will be lost to the team unless someone else actually wants to sign them. I heard one veteran player say that they know within a couples of days of practice if a player is going to make it in the NFL so I don’t think the lack of a pre-season will dramatically affect final 53 roster deliberations.

Zimmer is currently on the last year of his contract and I think Spielman has put down the gauntlet and is challenging Zimmer to shape the defence through development of lower pick draft picks. I’m pretty sure that only picking offensive players and cornerbacks in the first three rounds was a deliberate ploy and a direct challenge to the defensive coaches on the Vikings who are mostly Zimmer men (compared to the offence which is most Kubiak disciples)

Will the Vikings be better in 2020 than 2019 as a result of the draft? - no bloody idea TBH

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