Competitions 2020 BigFooty PAFC Supercoach Club Board Championships - FINALS

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Feb 9, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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Liverpool, Boston Celtics
Okay, preseason is upon us so it is cutoff day. Anyone from last year not signed in today will have their spot offered to others on the waiting list.

Motlop Magic! - ??
Maccas Swampies - ??
Craft Bernardo - crafty_bernardo
thebeesharps - elMM
Bearded Dragons - Bearded Dragons
Number1. - SureBuddy14
Goontastic - dav3
Powercrew - Tibbs
Kloppinators - IsDomIsGood
Cobra Kai SCE - DaTBird187
Snozulu - snozulu
Marmozet - Marmozet
We are Negan - JuniorBurger
Mr Miyagi - Waspy79
Redtailtigers - phijan
Delicious - Macca_1870
rumoursofwinter - rumoursofwinter
Balls Deep - Spadge

jdeezy and Schulzenfest fingers on the trigger. Anyone else interested, let me know here.

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