List Mgmt. 2020: Death Riding Melbourne [NMFC owns MFC's 1st & 4th 2020 picks] - Keep Your Eye on the Red and the Blue

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shinboner magic

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Apr 17, 2007
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You guys/girls really should delete this thread so that you don't look as silly as you could come end 2020. No need for apologies, we feel for our less talented cousins. Cheers.
You’d know about less talented teams.
Unless you’re about 70yrs old - you’ve known nothing else.


I'm here for the buffet
Apr 9, 2008
The Ponderosa
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Hammers & Steelers
last decade?
Key Forwards?
Be above you guys, guaranteed.
You need to expand your mind, that is why you are just making up the numbers each year. All the best for the season.
Probably will against bottom teams, Gold Coast Sydney, North, Carlton at least.
Cheering, okay will you attend the game or yell at the radio/Tv. Cannot see the las two having any impact myself, but each to his own. Anyway just called in to see how sleepy hollow was going, couple awake which looks good for your supporter group. All the best 2020. Cheers.
How many first rounders ya got next year? We got two. Good luck building up that slow midfield in the draft next year with picks 47, 65, 88 and 156.

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May 22, 2001
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Cobwebs is an appropriate name for a Melbourne supporter.

Who was the bright spark at Melbourne that thought it a good idea to sack Norm Smith? Place has never recovered and probably never will. Even the great Ronald Dale couldn’t spark this thing to life.

No easier team to Death Ride than the Ol’ Dees. Most of the work has been done internally.


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Dec 18, 2014
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The funny thing is, Cobwebs is saying we are getting ahead of ourselves by death riding them, yet he seems to automatically think that Melbourne drafted guaranteed champions.

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