List Mgmt. 2020: Death Riding Melbourne [NMFC owns MFC's 1st (#9) & 4th (#64) 2020 picks] - Keep Your Eye on the Red and the Blue

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Bleeding Blue and White
Sep 23, 2005
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North Melbourne
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Thanks for that Giantroo......further to that,.....does that mean they go down a pick or two....apologies I've taken no notice of the points system....

Each pick has a points value. Pick 1 (3000), etc . For Pick 1 you must have the full allocation of points (3000) to keep the pick even though you may have enough to cover pick 2 (2,517).

From there, you just minus the point deficit (265) and you get the table I've posted.

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Engimal v3

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Sep 21, 2017
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North Melbourne
How exciting. So we're betting on Melbourne not finishing any higher than 11th, right? Or is there some priority pick that I'm forgetting?

Event Horizon

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Sep 24, 2002
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We clearly don't rate anyone around the pick 8 mark. If that's the case, it's not a bad trade, as we still get a first rounder out of it, which is likely to be no worse than pick 8 anyway, as I can't see Melbourne going from 17th to finals. Plust we get a pick in the 20s, and a third rounder on top, which is reasonable value.

Wild Bill

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May 28, 2013
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time for a rain dance for Dees to be even shitter than this year. I feel this is a possibility without any strong KPPs.
They have no forward line. They have a third string forward who they are trying to make into a number 1 forward.

Asking McDonald to be the number 1 forward would be like us asking Mason Wood to do it.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 11, 2013
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North Melbourne
Best part they just sold their best defender to the hawks.. they’re putrid at moving the ball into the forward 50. easy money in the bank.


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Oct 18, 2016
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Really interesting move, can't see you possibly losing points wise. But you also miss out on a year of development for a draftee, pending you not making any other moves of course.

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