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May 21, 2013
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He won’t make the cut with Williams back. Cumming is a trap.
Disagree. Plodders like Reid, Lloyd, Kennedy, Corr, Buntine won't win them a GF, they need talent. Tomlinson gone, there's a spot up for grabs regardless of the fringe players. Cumming will be a SC premo once Shaw retires, I reckon this year he'll cement his spot and go average ~80

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Sep 3, 2005
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West Coast
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West Coast Eagles
I have grave concerns with Roberton. Hasn't scored well this preseason, being pretty rusty and so far struggling to pick up the pace of the game since being out.

The other issue I see is we as a team relied on him significantly over previous years being the rabble we were. I think we are a more balanced side in terms of SuperCoach out, and even in our defence can rely on Carlisle and Howard to be intercepting ball, not just Robbo.

I am struggling to see the value in starting him when I don't potentially see him as a keeper, and there are plenty of options popping up from an expensive rookie perspective in defence that I believe will score similar and make similar coin.

If I was to pick him, I think it would be on the proviso that I hold him over the bye rounds to help scores, but even then I am getting cold feet as to whether it's worth it.

Value for money or better off with an expensive def rookie?
I've had him a handful of teams but don't like his price or his ceiling.
Just don't see him as a keeper or a useful stepping stone.

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Feb 12, 2010
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St Kilda
What am I missing with noble? What's he going to do differently to get his AVG above 50?
Playing bulk minutes at half back, rather than limited minutes off the pine. Got an AFL preseason into him. His role off half back should be good for 65-75 points, which I’ll take at his price. A good amount of cash generation.

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