Opinion 2020 Draft #2: 1/9/22/23/40/80 (2021 + Melb 2nd, Haw 4th, Freo 4th)

Who will Adelaide select with pick 1?

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Nov 24, 2007
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Oct 30 – Nov 6: AFL Free Agency Period
November 4 – 12: AFL Trade Period
November 20: List Lodgment 1
November 27: List Lodgment 2
November 30: AFL Draft Nominations close
w/c December 7: NAB AFL Draft and Rookie Draft (exact date to be confirmed in due course)
Mid-December: Final List Lodgment & TPP estimates

As God is my witness, finding anything useful on the AFL.com.au site is practically impossible, may whoever designed it burn in hell.


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Aug 9, 2019
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The mighty Panthers, GWV Rebels, Be
Asked myself the same question .....I'll assume it's ladder position at the time of the Draft
I think they've nearly all been delisted?


Pick 1 Carlton: Josh Deluca (Subiaco)

Pick 2 Gold Coast: Mitch Riordan (Dandenong Stingrays)

Pick 3 Melbourne: Kyle Dunkley (Gippsland Power)

Pick 4 Sydney: Michael Knoll (South Adelaide)

Pick 5 North Melbourne: Lachlan Hoise (Glenelg)

Pick 6 Western Bulldogs: Ryan Gardner (Footscray)

Pick 7 Essendon: Will Snelling (West Adelaide)

Pick 8 St Kilda: Jack Mayo (Subiaco)

Pick 9 Port Adelaide: Cam Sutcliffe (Port Adelaide SANFL)

Pick 10 Hawthorn: Pass

Pick 11 Fremantle: Dillon O’Reilly (East Fremantle)

Pick 12 Adelaide: Pass

Pick 13 Richmond: Marlion Pickett (South Fremantle)

Pick 14 Collingwood: John Noble (West Adelaide)

Pick 15 Gold Coast: Pass

Pick 16 Sydney: Cody Hirst (Eastern Ranges)

Pick 17 Western Bulldogs: Pass

Pick 18 Essendon: Pass

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Sep 28, 2014
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Everything you say makes perfect sense, except that I don’t believe we will take anywhere near 4-5 years. It’s a myth perpetuated by coaches who are just trying to take the pressure off themselves for the first 3 years and rehashed by lazy journals who idolize coaches. There is absolutely no reason why Adelaide shouldn’t be looking at 8-10 wins next year and finals the year after.
Shall I be booking GF tickets for 2022-23 now 😂 ?

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Jul 6, 2017
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if we draft thilthorpe at 1 I think I'll just go support the team hollands plays for. I dont think I can handle two flops in one offseason. getting f'all for b crouch when we should've traded him last year and then taking tthilthorpe at 1.

I mean, how incompetent can you get.
Can we pack your bags for you
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