2020 Finals Campaign

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Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
So revisiting the fixture released for 2020 before covidmania, we had gold coast. eagles, bulldogs, saints and melbourne twice in our 22 games. Gee that would have been tasty if it panned out, basically double up games against most of the other teams in our vicinty of 7-12 so a real chance for finals.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 22, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Washington Wizards
We were 3-4 games off. Essendon first up was frustrating. Not a great team, and finished in shambles. We ended 2020 in a better position then theirs.
Gold Coast always in the first 4 weeks. They get off to a fast start, and Lo and behold we’re on top too.
Carlton.. sigh. Big disappointment. 3 goals in the first quarter then only 2 after that. Inexcusable against a club like the Blues. Blame umpires all we want, but we kick 7-8 for the game, would’ve been over by fourth quarter.
Have to be okay with this season. First year of Jlo’s. Players not on the park. New gameplan.
Worst loss was GWS. All others we were in every game except for one or two quarters. Port Adelaide an example.

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