Competitions 2020 Freo Board Player of the Year - Winner Luke Ryan (in a close one)

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Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
PapaJ still has not reappeared so I have tallied the votes cast for round 1 and will try and fill the Papa's shoes until he returns. Final tallies are listed below with the total votes for that player, then number of voters in parenthesis

I never understood the previous tallying system so for the player of the year have kept it to a 3-2-1 brownlow style - come at me if you disagree.

Lobb 89 (18) - 3 points
Fyfe 56 (17) - 2 points
Walters 50 (17) - 1 point
Sturt 40 (18)
Bewley 28 (14)
Conca 2(2)
Tucker 2(2)
Cox 1(1)
Aish 1(1)
Darcy 1(1)
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Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
Cumulative season tally board

player#total votesgamesvotes per gamepoints
Jesse Hogan12974.1
Griffin Logue2331566.26
Brandon Matera3050.0
Sean Darcy4144159.6
Adam Cerra54931729.07
Reece Conca6127149.12
Nathan Fyfe76611447.217
Andrew Brayshaw87151742.110
Blake Acres9139719.93
Michael Walters104361431.18
James Aish11159169.92
Mitch Crowden1258105.8
Luke Ryan138201748.217
Nathan Wilson14101156.7
Ethan Hughes1570174.1
David Mundy165881636.88
Hugh Dixon1700-
Darcy Tucker18104813.0
Connor Blakely19350.6
Matt Taberner205291633.18
Joel Hamling2100-
Caleb Serong224581432.77
Cameron McCarthy23010.0
Tom North2400-
Alex Pearce2500-
Hayden Young2672514.42
Sam Sturt2745315.0
Lachlan Schultz28101175.9
Luke Valente2900-
Lloyd Meek3000-
Liam Henry31030.0
Stephen Hill324120.3
Travis Colyer33490.4
Brett Bewley3439123.3
Jason Carter3500-
Brennan Cox361751313.52
Rory Lobb37133177.83
Isaiah Butters3800-
Sam Switkowski3900-
Bailey Banfield41050.0
Stefan Giro4200-
Michael Frederick433100.3
Taylin Duman4445153.0
Tobe Watson45732.3
Dillon O'Reilly4600-
Jarvis Pina4700-
Leno Thomas4800-
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Oct 31, 2015
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Top 5 points scores

=1. Ryan 17
=1. Fyfe 17
3. Brayshaw 10
=4. Walters 8
=4. Mundy 8
=4. Taberner 8

Top 5 votes

1. Ryan 820
2. Brayshaw 715
3. Fyfe 661
4. Mundy 588
5. Taberner 529

Top 5 votes per game

1. Logue 66.2 (5 games)
2. Ryan 48.2
3. Fyfe 47.2
4. Brayshaw 42.1
5. Mundy 36.8
Thanks for the effort Square Peg. That’s a lot of time you put into this.

I reckon these votes will mirror the Doig top five very closely. Us fans can be stupid at times but maybe we know a thing or two. Lol.

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