Competitions 2020 Freo Board Player of the Year

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Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
PapaJ still has not reappeared so I have tallied the votes cast for round 1 and will try and fill the Papa's shoes until he returns. Final tallies are listed below with the total votes for that player, then number of voters in parenthesis

I never understood the previous tallying system so for the player of the year have kept it to a 3-2-1 brownlow style - come at me if you disagree.

Lobb 89 (18) - 3 points
Fyfe 56 (17) - 2 points
Walters 50 (17) - 1 point
Sturt 40 (18)
Bewley 28 (14)
Conca 2(2)
Tucker 2(2)
Cox 1(1)
Aish 1(1)
Darcy 1(1)
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Square Peg

Premiership Player
Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
AFL Club
Cumulative tally by round

player#total votesgamesvotes per gamepoints
Jesse Hogan1632.0
Griffin Logue2331566.26
Brandon Matera3040.0
Sean Darcy41863.0
Adam Cerra5130816.3
Reece Conca6961.5
Nathan Fyfe7257551.48
Andrew Brayshaw8406850.88
Blake Acres9030.0
Michael Walters10352844.07
James Aish11140817.52
Mitch Crowden12010.0
Luke Ryan13219827.46
Nathan Wilson14360.5
Ethan Hughes153484.3
David Mundy16158722.61
Hugh Dixon1700-
Darcy Tucker18104813.0
Connor Blakely1900-
Matt Taberner20185823.14
Joel Hamling2100-
Caleb Serong2288517.61
Cameron McCarthy23010.0
Tom North2400-
Alex Pearce2500-
Hayden Young2672514.42
Sam Sturt2745315.0
Lachlan Schultz286387.9
Luke Valente2900-
Lloyd Meek3000-
Liam Henry3100-
Stephen Hill32240.5
Travis Colyer33460.7
Brett Bewley343984.9
Jason Carter3500-
Brennan Cox36741.8
Rory Lobb37127815.93
Isaiah Butters3800-
Sam Switkowski3900-
Bailey Banfield41050.0
Stefan Giro4200-
Michael Frederick43321.5
Taylin Duman442764.5
Tobe Watson45313.0
Dillon O'Reilly4600-
Jarvis Pina4700-
Leno Thomas4800-
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