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Jun 18, 2011
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Here's a lonnnng post that I wrote ages ago, after extensive research and then just shelved, beacuse in the end each change would change our future too much to be a useful roadmap and in the end, hindsight is pretty useless; I present it to BigFooty unedited now just as a reference point, so excuse me if it contains errors, or ideas that have since been proven dumb.


2000 - NET INS: Callahan, Capuano, Gehrig, Hamill, Lawrence, Riewoldt, Koschitzke, Gale, Powell, Voss, Oliver, Berry

Can’t complain really, got so many guns in the trade and a few very handy draftees, including a youngster called Riewoldt. Mark Gale the only obvious bust, exchange for Graham Johncock. If you wanted to be really ruthless you’d leave Kosi and pick up one of Alan Didak, Daniel Kerr, Guy Richards or Daniel Cross. Might have asked Freo for James Clement or Jess Sinclair for Matt Carr, instead of Craig Callahan. Get Darren Jolly and Max Rooke instead of Chris Oliver and Justin Berry

Out: Callahan, Gale, Oliver, Berry
In: Clement, Johncock, Jolly, Rooke

2001 - NET INS: Black, Knobel, Ball, X Clarke, Dal Santo, Maguire, Montagna, Houlihan, Dicketts, B Schwarze, Chris Jones

The original superdraft, featuring 21 premiership players, 5 norm smith winners and 5 brownlow winners (none of whom played for the us at the time of winning honours) Exchange Luke Ball for Chris Judd and Josh Houlihan for Brian Lake. Keep the pick 45 we used on Trent Knobel and get Dane Swan in the draft. Ditch all the 3 rookies and get Quinten Lynch, Matt Boyd and Nathan Bock.

Out: Ball, Houlihan, Knobel, Dicketts, B Schwarze, Jones
In: Judd, Lake, Swan, Q Lynch, M Boyd, Bock

2002 - NET INS: Brooks, Penny, Goddard, Ferguson, L Fisher, Stephen Powell, A Murray, Barham.
A bit of talent there and we got the main pick right, the trade for Penny worked plus picked up Stephen Powell in the PSD, and Murray as a rookie, the rest was gak. To start with, forget with Barry Brooks, get Byron Pickett from Port instead. Instead of Ferguson and Fisher, get Kade Simpson and Nick Malceski. Use one of the 5 picks we passed on to pick up Brad Sewell.

Out: Brooks, M Ferguson, L Fisher
In: B Pickett, K Simpson, Malceski, Sewell

2003 - NET INS: Gram, Guerra, R Clarke, S Fisher, Pfitzner, Stone

An ok draft, and we found a gem in Sam Fisher. I liked Raph Clarke as a player, but to satisfy the many fans who didn’t, how about David Mundy instead? We got our trades spot on. Get a couple of rookies instead of Pfitzner and Stone; Embley and Josh Thurgood.

Out: R Clarke, Pfitzner, Stone
In: Mundy, Embley, Thurgood

2004 - NET INS: Fiora, McQualter, Ackland, McGough, Gwilt, Mullins, McDonnell

An average draft with a few all-time guns at the top end. The best player we got out of the whole off season was our famed Welsh-Fijian smokie Jimmy Gwilt. I’d have asked for one of Richmond’s 4 picks inside the top 20 for Heath Black instead of Fiora. Would the Tigers have given us Pick 4 for our PIck 17 plus Troy Simmons, (who Freo gave up to get Heath Black), bearing in mind they also held pick 1, 12 16 and 20? That would have got us Buddy. If not, I suppose we could have got Nathan Van Berlo, Mark LeCras, and Matt Egan instead of McQualter, Ackland and McGough, plus Danyle Pearce and Heath Grundy instead of Mullins and McDonnell.

Out: Fiora, McQualter, Ackland, McGough, Mullins, McDonnell
In: Franklin/Van Berlo, LeCras, Egan, D Pearce, H Grundy

2005 - NET INS: Watts, Gilbert, Rix, Raymond, Sweeney, Corr

God, urgh! Pick 17 for our CEO’s son in this pretty good draft with a great top end. Most of the top 15 are still playing and at least 4 of that 15 have captained AFL clubs. I would have not drafted Gilbo and wrapped up that pick 33 with the Watts 17 to get into the top 10. Let’s be conservative and say that the Lions gave us pick 9 for that, I’d take Nathan Jones with that pick. As for the rest of the dross, I’ll take Matt Stokes instead of Rix, the rest? There wasn’t anything much better around. Take Matt Priddis instead of Cathal Corr in the rookie draft. Maybe I would have also taken Keiren Jack instead of re-rookie-ying Dylan Pfitzer.

Out: Watts, Rix, Corr, Pfitzner
In: N Jones, M Stokes, Priddis, K Jack

2006 - NET INS: Birss, Gardiner, Armitage, Howard, Allen, Clint Jones, Van Rheenen, Eddy, Wall, Geary, Attard

We did a great trade getting Gardiner and change for a 3rd round pick, then blew the change on Shane Birss.
It was an ok draft with a few guns like Joel Selwood, Boak, Ben Reid, James Frawley etc up top and Goldstein, Brad Dick, Lindsay Thomas and Robbie Grey later. I’d have taken Jack Riewoldt instead of Armo, Houli instead of Howard, Robbie Grey instead of Shane Birss, Goldsack for Jarryd Allen. We did ok with a couple of rookies but I would have taken Sam Gibson instead of Van Rheenen.

Out: Armitage, Howard, Birss, Allen, Van Rheenen
In: J Riewoldt, Houli, R Grey, Goldsack, S Gibson

2007 - NET INS: Schneider, Dempster, King, Gardiner, McEvoy, Steven, Gehrig, Connors, Chivers, Miles, Haretuku.

Brilliant trade effort which still amazes me. Dempster and Schneids for pick 26, Steven King and steak knives Gardiner for pick 90! I might be tempted to take Cyril Rioli instead of McEvoy, rather than Dangerfield, but Dangerfield’s consistency might sway me. Maybe I would have taken Taylor Walker instead of Khan Haretuku on the scholarship if possible. Wonaeamirrii and Mumford for Chivers and Miles.

Out: McEvoy, Haretuku, Chivers, Miles
In: Rioli, Walker, Wonaemirri, Mumford

2008 - NET INS: Ray, Lynch, Stanley, Heyne, A Smith, Cahill, Begley, Dawson, Simpkin, Gaertner, Tungaltulum, McGarry, McGrath

Decent trade, and fairly decent even draft with gems throughout. Zac Dawson a decent rookie pick. You’d keep Lynch and be nicer to him. Instead of the rest, grab Neville Jetta and Michael Walters and I guess keep the rest, not much any better. For the rookies get Van Berlo instead of Gaertner, Broughton instead of Tungaltulum, Matt Suckling instead of McGarry.

Out: Stanley, Heyne, Gaertner, Tungaltulum, McGarry
In: N Jetta, Walters, Van Berlo, Broughton, Suckling

2009 - NET INS: Lovett, Peake, Nicholas WInmar, J.W. Smith, Pattison, Johnson, Hutchings, Archer, Walsh

Similar to the previous year, an ok even draft in the top half. One trade which blew up horribly in our face and another ok one. I’d take Nate Fyfe with the pick 16 that Essendon stole from us for Andy Lovett. Otherwise get Max Gawn instead of Nicky Winmar’s second cousin. Maybe Taylor Duryea instead of Adam Pattison. Nothing much on after that. Get Crameri instead of Archer.

Out: Lovett, Winmar, Pattison, Archer
In: Fyfe, Gawn, Duryea, Crameri

2010 - NET INS: Cripps, Crocker, Ledger, Siposs, Gamble, Polo, Curren, Andreoli, J Ferguson.

The Welcome to AFL, Gold Coast Draft with the expansion club taking 8 inside the first 13 draft picks, but the draft still had enough of an even spread of talent to come away smiling despite that. We didn’t do any trades, but we did use a couple of picks up on second hand discards Gamble and Polo in a cheap effort to top up our still globally decent list without blowing our salary cap. There were no other delistees that were any better so I’ll leave that. We also re-rookied Rob Eddy while letting Mark Hutchings go back west, so I’d reverse that. Instead of Cripps, Crocker, Ledger and Siposs, I’d pick Luke Parker, Tom McDonald, Jarryd Lyons and Paul Seedsman respectively. I’d also take Jason Johannisen and Jeremy McGovern instead of Curren and Andreoli. Jackson Ferguson was on a NSW scholarship, you could hypothetically take Hawthorn old boy Chris Langford’s son Will.

Out: Eddy, Cripps, Crocker, Ledger, Siposs, Curren, Andreoli, J Ferguson
In: Hutchings, L Parker, T McDonald, J Lyons, Seedsman, Johannisen, J McGovern, W Langford

2011- NET INS: Saad, Milera, Ross, Markworth, Newnes, Webster, Lever, Wilkes/Maister, Dunell, Shenton, Staley, Minchington.

The Welcome to AFL, GWS Draft with the expansion club taking 11 inside the first 14 draft picks, but it’s a pretty deep draft with fairly good quality, if not much top-draw talent. We gave up pick 20 to get Milera and Saad but gained pick 25 and the best option between those two picks was Henry Schade, so I’d probably leave that trade as is and maybe pick up Brad Hill instead of Seb Ross. Then I’d get Brendan Ah Chee instead of Markworth, Lachie Neale for Jack Newnes, Cam Ellis-Yolmen for Jay Lever and Cam Sutcliffe for Beau Wilkes/Maister. Webster stays. I’d pick up Jack Crisp, Mark Blicavs and Jack Redpath instead of Dunell, Shenton and Staley. Meatball was the best pick at that stage so he stays.

Out: (Ross) Markworth, (Newnes), Lever, Wilkes, Dunell, Shenton, Staley
In: (B Hill) B Ah Chee, (Neale), Ellis-Yolmen, Sutcliffe, Crisp, Blicavs, Redpath

2012- NET INS: Roberton, Lee, Hickey, Dennis-Lane, Wright, White, Murdoch, Saunders, Pierce.

It was a pretty ordinary draft, so we tried to be smart and embarked upon a pretty complicated mess of trades ended up with us getting Lee, Wright, Murdoch and Saunders for Pick 12. Forget that, just grab Brodie Grundy instead. Then we gave away our compo pick for BJ, plus, 36 and 55 to get Tom Hickey, TDL, and Spencer White. Believe it or not, there’s no one that I’d seriously be interested between pick 13 and the White pick, so I suppose I’d still do that trade and instead of getting Spencer White and TDL, I’d pick Lachie Hunter and Rory Atkins. Keep Pierce. The only thing we absolutely nailed was the FA acquisition of Roberton. I’d probably use the rookie pick we passed on and pick up Zac Williams.

Out: Lee, Wright, Murdoch, Saunders, White, Dennis-Lane
In: B Grundy, L Hunter, Atkins, Z Williams

2013 - NET INS: Delaney, Longer, Bruce, Savage, Billings, Dunstan, Acres, Templeton, Weller, Holmes.

Lots of quality throughout that list and you can say we did pretty well without absolutely nailing it. The trades were pretty underwhelming, and frankly I’d be tempted to keep the DalSanto compo pick 25 and pick 41 instead of picking up Josh Bruce and Billy Longer. I’d use those picks and grab Zach Merrett and Ben Brown. Instead of Billings, you could get either of proven guns Bont, P Crippps, as well as others. I like Billings, but Cripps is looking like a safe bet at this stage. Don’t have a problem with the McEvoy pick which gave us Savage and Dunstan, though I’d pick Matt Crouch instead of Dunny. Would you keep Acres, or would you keep the two picks we traded and go for someone like Hartung, McStay, Lemmens, Lew Taylor, Nankervis, Jake Kolodjashnij, Barrass, Riley Knight, Fantasia, Sicily, or Jayden Hunt, plus one of Honeychurch, Tom Langdon, Sam Lloyd, Amon or Tabener? I’d be tempted to keep Acres and hope he is not another Spencer White. Apart from switching Eli for Charlie Cameron, I’d leave the rookies be.

Out: Longer, Bruce, (Billings), Dunstan, Templeton
In: Z Merrett, B Brown, (P Cripps), M Crouch, C Cameron

2014 - NET INS: Membrey, McCartin, Goddard, McKenzie, Lonie, Sinclair, Payne.

We did alright getting FA Membrey for nothing and picking up Sinclair in the rookie draft, but otherwise so far it’s looking pretty grim. The draft was pretty top heavy with a few good gets sprinkled throughout. I’d get DeGoey, Touk Miller, Mitch McGovern and Caleb Daniel instead of McCartin, Goddard, McKenzie and Lonie. In the rookie list, I’d grab Kane Lambert in the place of Brenton Payne and maybe draft Adam Saad instead of redrafting Ahmed Saad.

Out: McCartin, Goddard, McKenzie, Leonie, Payne, Ahmed Saad
In: DeGoey, Miller, M McGovern, C Daniel, K Lambert, Adam Saad

2015 - NET INS: Freeman, Carlisle, Gresham, White, Rice, O’Kearney, Coughlan

A pretty even draft, a couple of great trades and some solid picks. I’d take Tom Papley instead of Nick O’Kearney and James Parsons for Nick Coughlan, and leave the rest alone.

Out: O’Kearney, Coughlan
In: Papley, J Parsons

2016 - NET INS: Steele, Stevens, N Brown, Long, Battle, E Phillips, Marshall, Connellan, Joyce.

We gave up pick 10 in this fairly top heavy draft to get pick 7 in the next, but Hunter Clark looks awesome, so I’ll leave that. No problems with Long, Battle, Phillips or Freeman, who took our original second round pick. I might hold onto pick 50 instead of trading it out.

2017- NET INS: Austin, Clark, Coffield, Clavarino, Paton, Langlands,

Year - Draft Quality - Saints FA/Trade Yield - Saints Draft Yield - Saints Rookie Yield
2000 - C - A - B - E
2001 - A - B - B - E
2002 - C - B - C - D
2003 - C - A - C - E
2004 - C - D - D - E
2005 - B - E - D - E
2006 - C - B - D - C
2007 - B - A - B - E
2008 - C - C - D - D
2009 - C - D - E - D
2010 - C - X - E - E
2011 - C - B - C - D
2012 - D - C - E - X
2013 - B - C - B - B
2014 - C - A - D - B
2015 - B - A - A - E
2016 -
2017 -
2018 - ?
The 2003 draft might be the worst draft in the last 20 years.

A very very grim draft

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