Preview 2020 Goodbye (To 2021) New; Preseason Discussion

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Mar 1, 2014
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Does Rockliff have 2 Norm Smiths, 3 flags and a Brownlow? Rockliff kind of is an ordinary player. He's not top 10 or even top 50.

Why does everyone have to take everything so literally anyway? It's a figure of speech. Your last game is what everyone remembers and if it's in a cut throat final that's even worse.
Fairly sure you have to be a tad better than ordinary to captain an AFL team.

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Mar 26, 2007
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I think the point is that Rockcliff was instrumental to making our midfield more competitive. And if he had a shocker the ball was probably leaking out due to many people losing their one on one battles
Rockliff was also instrumental in all our losses. Make of that what you will, but IMO we won't win a flag with him in our midfield. We walked away from the PF last year with Rockliff as one of our best 22s top 3 biggest weaknesses. The other 2 seem to have been addressed by trades, so his spot in the team should be the number 1 question going into 2021.
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Nov 6, 2014
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There is a live stream but am working, is why I’m asking if there’s a replay. Have asked the question multiple times but seems everyone has me on ignore, fair enough too as there’s a good chance I have them on mute

On iPhone using mobile app
I have been looking online but can’t find any info apart from the live stream

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