Toast 2020 McLelland Trophy Winners

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Premiership Player
Jul 1, 2014
Adelaide, Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Lakers, Ducks, Yankees
We have been afterthoughts in the experts eyes all season, but this was as complete a home and away season as any club could have possibly asked for.

We have steadily been improving during the season and these last 5 weeks we have built ourselves into a position where our players appear primed for finals footy.

Next weekend against Geelong is going to be an absolute cracker. Here's hoping for a repeat of the 04 quali. Maybe Motlop can channel his inner Byron & kick 4 in the first half!

Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide Magpies
Take a moment and enjoy the significance of being minor premiers in this crazy season. Played in the first hub, only 7 games at home and stayed top of the ladder for 30 weeks.

Congratulations to Hinkley, the assistant coaches and the players for a magnificent minor round. You are all bloody beauties.

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Club Legend
Jul 6, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I was massively on the bottom 4, sack Hinkley train at the start of the year. Fair to say they've proven me wrong so far.

3 more wins, that's all we need. Let's ******* do it.


Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 27, 2002
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide
Couldn’t be prouder tonight. We were set up for a what happened power moment and they rose above inequitable umpiring to win. I was hoping to okay finals this year, but sheesh this is beyond my wildest dreams. Now let’s keep it young and bring home to cup, as what a way it would be to cap off our 150tn year celebrations ❤❤❤


Flick pass expert
Nov 16, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
The Mighty Blacks
Since 2000, the year the AFL went 100% full time for all players, Port is the only team to be minor premiers 4 times.

Port 2002,2003,2004,2020
Gee 2007,2008, 2019
Ess 2000, 2001
Coll 2010, 2011
Haw 2012,2013
Syd 2014, 2016
Ade 2005, 2017
WCE 2006
ST K 2009
Freo 2015
Rich 2018

21 seasons is 2 or even 3 full cycles teams have gone thru.

Minor premierships is small fry stuff, but it gives us the best shot at making a GF and winning the flag. 6 times they have won the flag (bold), another 8 times they have made the GF (blue).

Since expansion in 1987 only 2 sides have been top every round - WCE in 1991 went 19-3, and Essendon 2000 went 21-1, until this year when Port have joined them.

People might say 14-3 doesn't compare but we only played 7 games at AO and 10 interstate, 3 whilst in the hub and 7 games where we jumped on a plane.

Plus second time a team from outside the 8 has jumped to minor premiers. Sydney in 1996 were the only others. edit Geelong also did it in 2007. And Adelaide 2005.
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Club Legend
Feb 17, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
We kept winning when we thought we’d loose

We kept turning the momentum when we were falling short

we won the close games

We won the games we always loose

we won again the bottom teams we always drop one

maybe we’re good? Maybe it’s time to trust? Maybe the unconventional system works?

who cares. We’re top and have been all year. It’s working and even if it’s ugly and frustrating at times, if we bring it home who cares!!

weve finished top and given ourselves the confidence and best chance we’ve had in 15 years! Come on!

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