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Dec 21, 2005
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Granted my membership fee is high (I have a coterie for myself and my partner) I still dont want a cent back. I love this club and anything we can do to rally around it when it needs us most I am happy to do. Seems like most supporters are in a similar boat and its fantastic to see everyone rallying behind it when it needs us the most
More than happy for the club to keep my money but also more than comfortable with those that haven't yet signed up, not doing so.

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Oct 12, 2016
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I just signed Sarah the cat up as a 2020 member, I got a new cat. She turned up at my work just before Jan 26, she was already desexed so clearly dumped but was otherwise in good health

She has settled in nicely and made herself at home to the chagrin of Oi Cat the resident but they are starting to get along

I bought it through the website however and it freaken sucks. There is no way I can tell the club what her name is. It requires a second email but all I really want is the certificate. I have no need for a dog collar or lead

Whatever, Sarah is now a pet of the west


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