Player Sponsorship 2020 Player Sponsor Draft Sign-up Thread (Still spots left)


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Oct 11, 2006
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Who wants to sign up for all the fun and excitement of being a player sponsor for 2020. If this sounds like something for you then register your interest here to be included in the sponsor draft which will commence on Monday, December 9

But first a recap of the rules
  1. The final draft order is generated randomly. Being first to sign up doesn't guarantee you a high draft pick when the draft occurs so please bear this in mind.
  2. The draft officially kicks off on December 9th
  3. Participants are given 24 hours to choose a player from the moment the person before them picks otherwise it rolls over to the next person.
  4. People who have missed their chance can still come back at any time and take their pick at any time provided there are still players available
  5. Be courteous, once you have taken your pick message the person after you and let them know it's their pick either via a tag or giving them a PM
  6. You can only choose a player from what's available, if you miss out on the player you wanted then make the most of what's left and throw your efforts into being the best damn sponsor for the person you can pick.
  7. Once you have selected your player you can't change your mind and pick someone else so please choose wisely
  8. As always there will be standbys, if it gets to the end of the draft and there are players still available due to missed pick at which point they will go live until all players are picked
  9. Once you have selected your player feel free to head over to the nest and start posting in your players thread which should already be there. PM me if it isn't and I will create one for you
  10. There are 43 Eagles players currently meaning there are 43 picks to be taken pending finalisation of our list
  11. The draft is available to Eagles supporters only
  12. Normally the 5 posters adjudged by the people to have done the best job of sponsoring their players will get the top picks the following year but this didn’t happen for 2019 so there’s no priority seeding this year
If we get enough people we will do 2 drafts, but let's worry about getting enough for 1 first.

Eagles players available in 2020 :

  1. Brendan Ah Chee (R)
  2. Brayden Ainsworth
  3. Oscar Allen
  4. Tom Barrass
  5. Jarrod Brander
  6. Hamish Brayshaw (R)
  7. Jarrod Cameron
  8. Tom Cole
  9. Jamie Cripps
  10. Jack Darling
  11. Liam Duggan
  12. Harry Edwards (R)
  13. Luke Foley
  14. Andrew Gaff
  15. Tom Hickey
  16. Shannon Hurn
  17. Mark Hutchings
  18. Callum Jamieson
  19. Lewis Jetta
  20. Ben Johnson
  21. Tim Kelly
  22. Josh Kennedy
  23. Jeremy McGovern
  24. Nic Naitanui
  25. Jackson Nelson
  26. Mitch O’Neill (R)
  27. Xavier O’Neill
  28. Jack Petruccelle
  29. Jack Redden
  30. Willie Rioli
  31. Josh Rotham
  32. Liam Ryan
  33. Will Schofield
  34. Dom Sheed
  35. Brad Sheppard
  36. Luke Shuey
  37. Anthony Treacy (R)
  38. Nathan Vardy
  39. Daniel Venables
  40. Jake Waterman
  41. Francis Watson
  42. Bailey Williams
  43. Elliot Yeo
  44. Player X (R)

Signed up sponsors for 2020

  1. mattyc75
  2. Falco
  3. JoshWoodenSpoon
  4. AsterixTheGaul
  5. Eastcoasteagle
  6. Monocle
  7. flamingEMBERS
  8. Dark Sharks
  9. Doughboy
  10. RookiePick
  11. Carbine Chaos
  12. FatPizza
  13. OMGFridge
  14. JordanWCE
  15. CM9000
  16. avishka5
  17. bUCKET__
  18. Hap Hapablap
  19. LittleGreekGod
  20. Turboman1994
  21. BeornJ
  22. DanWCE
  23. flyinghi64
  24. squashface
  25. TY24
  26. Dylan82
  27. Sandyjihna
  28. Biggie
  29. bl4ke
  30. Godfather32
  31. getgaff
  32. bzparkes
  33. Breva_
  34. KO_KO
  35. Pedals23
  36. Jimmy_the_Gent
  37. Illeagle
  38. DJMac
  39. ZergMinion
  40. jesterwester
  41. Reminiscence
  42. Barrybran
  43. The Stid
  44. Farang83150

Standby List
  1. MKMatty
  2. Shuestar13
  3. Arrogant Eagle

Any queries, give me a hoy

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May 25, 2015
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I'm in again. Don't we have comps for post and poster of the year? And the winners get dibs?

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Not Bitter
Oct 11, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
I'm in again. Don't we have comps for post and poster of the year? And the winners get dibs?
We’ve done player sponsor of the year previously and the top 5 have had first dibs in the draft, but not this year

POTY is still to be done but that’s a separate issue to this


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Apr 10, 2011
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Tottenham Hotspur, Houston Rockets
Absolutely in!

Might even change players. Be hard to leave Schoey but.

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