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Sorry for the delay.

I can’t believe Venables is off the board so early- he was my clear #1. I still of the opinion Dylan82 he’s going to be our best midfielder once he gets to 100 games so I hope your sponsoring gets him closer this year; and you can provide some Data which turns some detractors into fans. I think he just needs a clear run at it injury wise and he will start bringing more consistency.

But, like any recruiter will know, once the clear target has gone- the person you actually pick was the person you really wanted all along.

Pick 11. I have selected Jarrod Brander

3 games in, mainly our guy for tough away games. But I think our first pick in 2017 is going to show why he was selected so highly. He is one reason I’m really excited for 2020. Sure, he brought in one of the games best midfielders to make us stronger. But we have a strong group of younger 20-22 year olds who really have so much natural development in them. Jarrod wasn’t going to be a year one prospect. We drafted him for what he will produce year 3 on. Really excited for what he will produce.

I’ll start my thread for 2020 soon where I will compile some more, but heres a Photo of the great man himself. Just in case you WA guys have forgotten what he looks like given he hasn’t played many actual matches in WA yet.


Breva_ you’re up.

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