2020 Player Sponsorship

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Jan 14, 2001
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Port Adelaide
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MUFC, Orlando Magic
Hey all,

Are we still looking at becoming a major sponsor for season 2020?

The other option we have is to put our name into the draw to become the Magpies major sponsor. Could we be the next Rasheeds Deli? :D

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Fade to Gray

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Jul 2, 2006
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Port Adelaide
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SA Spurs, Newcastle EPL
I'll be in it again. Would much prefer to go the same sort of option as last year. There is actually something tangible, - items, ticket to functions etc. The Magpies option is just a chance to go into a raffle, which may or may not lead to anything. If there is money leftover I don't mind, but if it's an either, or situation, stick with the player sponsor option IMO.

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