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See you on the 9th green at 9
Oct 27, 2011
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Brisbane Lions
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Miami Dolphins
2020 Bigfooty Lions Board Player Sponsorship

Welcome to the 2020 Bigfooty Brisbane Lions board player sponsorship. Thought I would get the ball rolling for this year. For both newcomers and those who have participated before, I have outlined the relevant information below.

If you can spare a little bit of cash and want to get involved in the lions board player sponsorship we'd be thrilled to have you on board, whether you've contributed in the past or are wanting to get involved for the first time. I've been apart of the lions boards player sponsorship for a few years now and its a great initiative where we can show our support to the boys and have a chance at winning some great prizes.


The Brisbane Lions enable supporters to sponsor individual players for a year, costing between $380 and $830, depending on the seniority of the player.

In return, sponsors get an opportunity to meet their player and a signed guernsey or photo, among other goodies.

Each year BigFooty organises group sponsorships, with minimum contributions starting from just $50. We collectively vote on which players to sponsor, with votes weighted by the amount you've contributed.

Then once the sponsorships are finalised, we raffle out the individual prizes to participants. Again, the more you've contributed, the more "raffle tickets" you get.

In essence, it is a cheap way of contributing to our Club, while having a decent chance of "winning a prize" in return.

It has proved very popular, particularly over the last few years, raising more than $13,500 for the Club, with dozens of users sharing in the "prize-pool".

This year we'd like to lift the bar yet again, so we're aiming to raise $3000.

(See Post #4 to keep tabs on how we're tracking)

If you're interested in taking part, then please read on:

Sponsorship Details

How much does an individual sponsorship cost?

Brisbane Lions Player Sponsorship Package Details


Category 1 - Leadership group $830.00

Category 2 - Players with 100 or more AFL games $600.00

Category 3 - Players with 20-99 AFL games $500.00

Category 4 - Player with less than 20 AFL games $380.00

NB there’s a per player limit of 4 sponsors in Queensland and 4 sponsors in Victoria.

What do sponsors get in return?

1. Welcome letter from your sponsored player/s

2. Option of signed guernsey or a signed and framed photograph of your sponsored player/s

3. Recognition in the Season Review magazine and Club website

4. QLD player sponsors also receive:

a. Two tickets to a player sponsor function including cocktail food, beverages and a guest speaker

5. VIC player sponsors also receive:

a. Two tickets to a player sponsor function including cocktail food, beverages and the opportunity to meet and mingle with your sponsored player (subject to player availability) and other Lions senior team members.

Bigfooty Group Sponsorship Details

If you'd like to be a part of our group sponsorship, simply state the amount you'd like to contribute in this thread.

1. The minimum contribution is $50.

2. For each $25, a user gets 1 vote for the players they would like to see sponsored.

3. We will organise a purchase of a sponsorship for whoever is the leading vote getter. If that player is sold out we will arrange for the player with the 2nd most votes to be sponsored.

4. Any remaining funds will go towards the next sponsorship. Voting for the previous sponsorship will be wiped, and users will be invited to resubmit votes, so try to keep an eye on the thread title so you know when to vote again.

5. Once all sponsorships are complete, the prizes will be allocated. This is done at the end to give everyone equal opportunity to win prizes. Users are given a raffle entry for each $25 they contribute, and with that raffle entry they choose which prize they would like to be in the pool for. The winners will then be drawn at random, and we will convey postage details to the club so that the winners can receive their prize.

Bigfooty Contribution

Each year Chief contributes $200 towards each club's player sponsorship(s)

All contributors will get a sponsorship badge (aka BigFooty Bling), which can be seen under a poster's username (like my "Beams 12" tag). Posters will be able to choose which of the sponsored players they want on their badge.

Users who contribute $50-99 will receive a free BigFooty Gold sponsorship for 12 months.Benefits.

Users who contribute $100+ will receive a free BigFooty platinum sponsorship for 12 months. Benefits.

Who can be sponsored?

1. Any of the players on the senior list.

2. Any of the players on the rookie list.

3. Not the scholarship players.

History of Sponsorships on the Brisbane Lions Board

2007: Richard Hadley

2008: Daniel Merrett

2009: -

2010: Simon Black, Brendan Fevola and Todd Banfield

2011: Tom Rockliff, Todd Banfield, Ryan Harwood and Jared Polec

2012: Patrick Karnezis, Tom Rockliff, Cal Bartlett, Ryan Lester, Josh Green, Billy Longer and Jared Polec

2013: Claye Beams, Jared Polec, Daniel Rich, Mitch Golby, Elliot Yeo, Josh Green and Billy Longer

2014: Lewis Taylor, Michael Close and Pearce Hanley

2015: Dayne Beams, Lewis Taylor and Jayden McGrath

2016: Mitch Robinson, Ben Keays and Allen Christensen

2017: Mitch Robinson, Hugh McCluggage and Jarrod Berry

2018: Hodge, McCluggage and Cox

2019: Cameron and Rayner

Keeping Updated

The posts detailing the relevant dates, useful information and contribution amounts will be regularly updated with all details of this year's sponsorship(s). When action is required (like voting), we'll update the thread subject accordingly, so if you can, try to check in at least once a week.


Wanting to make a pledge, then all you have to do is post on this thread or personal message me and we will get the ball rolling.


See you on the 9th green at 9
Oct 27, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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Miami Dolphins
Important please read!!!

When you pledge your contribution can you please also vote for the players following the below format. If you end up not contributing (eg I don't receive your $$$, I just won't count your votes in the final tally).

There will only be one vote. When you make a pledge please vote for the five players you wish to sponsor. For instance:
5. Rich (most preferred)
4. Berry
3. Rayner
2. Cox
1. Robinson (least preferred)

As I stated above, your votes will only be counted towards the tally once I have received your pledge $$$.

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Premium Gold
Oct 23, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I’m in for $50 (but if I get crook again this year I’m blaming this sponsorship)
5 mitch
4 harris
3 cam
2 steph
1 Jarrod Lyons


See you on the 9th green at 9
Oct 27, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Miami Dolphins
Are we sponsoring the women’s team as well? Would like to throw some money to Jess Wuetchner after the lightening strike.
I think I went down that path of inquiry last year and it wasn't possible. I've had a quick look and couldn't see anything which would indicate that there has been any change.


See you on the 9th green at 9
Oct 27, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Miami Dolphins
Friends, I have contacted the Lions and been given a list of availability for sponsorship. I have received $1,020.00/$1,070.00. Per the below there are a few ways we can play it...
  1. Option one - J Berry with the remainder carried over to next year.
  2. Option two - Charlie Cameron and Ely Smith
  3. Option three - Cameron Rayner and Ely Smith, with the remainder carried over.
  4. Option four - we could do two of the category three players and carry over the remainder, but I don't think those players received enough votes to justify selection.
Does anyone have any preferences? I am happy to take a vote or do whatever you guys would like. FWIW my preference is option two.

Tally of votes
The tally of votes is as follows:
  • J Berry 41
  • E Smith 24
  • D Robertson 23
  • C Cameron 22
  • C Rayner 20
  • M Robinson 18
  • H McCluggage 15
  • K Coleman 11
  • S Skinner 10
  • O McInerney 7
  • D Rich 7
  • J Lyons 6
  • CEY 5
  • M Adams 4
  • G Birchall 4
  • S Martin 4
  • H Andrews 4
  • C Ah Chee 3
  • D Mcstay 3
  • D Zorko 3
  • B Smith 2
Availability and price
I have listed below the players who are still available and their price.

Category 1 $850

Category 2 $620
M Robinson
D Rich
G Birchall
C Cameron
D McStay

Category 3 $520
C Ah Chee
C Rayner
M Adams
O McInerney

Category 4 $400
B Smith
E Smith
K Coleman
S Skinner

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