Opinion 2020 Player X v Y v Z

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Suma Magic

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Aug 22, 2009
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Why Cripps 1? Yo-yo last year
I play for overall so not worried about variance. Just based on who I think is best value taking into consideration price and predicted average (where they get 60 instead of their average for every game they are predicted to miss). I just guesstimate the average and games they will miss.
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May 21, 2013
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Titch v Neale v Danger
how would you rank them?

I can see Neale going 130/140 this year, reckon he's getting better, hitting his peak, the midfielders around him are getting better, tag Neale and somebody else will get you
Danger will spend time forward, the Cats don't have a great list imo, reckon they'll struggle a bit this year. Happy to wait on him, bye target to finish my midfield
I want to see Titch string a few games together and have ~90% ToG before I look at him. $630k is way too high coming off a knee. Another bye target to complete my mids

If he plays ~90% of the next Marsh match and gets 45 touches and scores 170, I'll reconsider

Hawkers Hero

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Aug 30, 2007
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Other than Rookies team structure is largely set other than F1-F4. One of them will be D Smith but tossing up between;

Whitfield / Dusty or Walters / Georgiadis

Dusty / Walters / Bonar

Greenwood and 2 of Ceglar (ruck cover), Petracca, Rozee or Wingard

Fearfull of the MPM in option 3 but dont see a lot in the way of cheap forwards out there (have Hill and Rankine at F5 and F6)

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