Analysis 2020 Possession Heatmaps

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Apr 6, 2020
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The Void
Short plays very deep. Looks a back pocket heat map.

Compared to baker and houli far more attacking hbf roles.
yes i was surprise at his too..I wouldn't mind seeing him venture out a bit further and give him license to ping for goals ala the double up vs Pies at the G.

(data probably skewed due to the fact he often takes kickouts)
I also was surprised at that. In my mind I would have thought Short gets up the ground at least as much as Vlastuin & Broad, if not as much as Baker & Houli.

No surprise with Balta & Grimes heat very deep in the defensive 50, but surprised that Astbury seems to get up the ground a fair bit.
I fourthly, am surprised at Shorty's heatmap but let's not forget that it's hard to get further up the ground when you kick as often and far as him. He skips that step.

I'd like more of this though

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Jun 12, 2013
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I reckon the colours determine where the player is mostly positioned during the game.

Clearly the blue dots are possessions
I raised this because the heat map isn't exactly consistent with the eye test. Short doesn't seem to spend most of his time on the full back line during play, but I guess taking a dozen behind kick-ins a game, usually with a little trot and a bounce out of the goal square, means he is located at the full back line at least a dozen times a game.

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