Competitions 2020 Poster of the Year - Take 2

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Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
A new thread exists for 2020 Poster of the Year.

Rules have been simplified as Pykie cancelling screwed it up, and my somewhat contentious rules caused some noticable unrest......haha

Ok now NO POSTER IS BANNED INCLUDING MODS. Vote for whoever you want.

Give me;

Rather than my donation (being so lucky to be part of this completely chaotic but great community which I want to say thanks for) is each post must also...... a charity of their choice to send my donation to (it can be North related and supported, Red Cross, Breast Cancer, Animal Shelter, etc etc).

The Charity or institution which is most popular gets the money and the Poster gets full recognition as the best.

Fire away and stay on topic please to get this done properly.

Thanks, Chop.
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Not open for further replies.

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