News 2020 Retirements and Delistings

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Aug 23, 2010
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So Westhoff has retired but the following have been delisted by Port Adelaide:

Joe Atley.
Tobin Cox.
Wylie Buzza.
Riley Grundy.

Oh, and Tom Sheridan has retired from GWS.


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Jun 23, 2008
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The biggest shock for me from this list is that I’ve now discovered Wylie Buzza wasn’t still at Geelong
I'm surprised he hasn't done more in the AFL. I pegged him as the next Ben Brown, and not just on appearances either.

Deserved on VFL form to be selected for the finals last year by Geelong, ahead of Lachie Henderson (who hadn't played as a forward at any level for like 3-4 seasons at the time).

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Apr 18, 2011
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The phrase "we'll never see another like him" is a cliche but I think it definitely applies to Westhoff. Just an unusual footballer. Equal parts sh*t and great. Unique skill set. Hopefully they can send him off.


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Jul 6, 2011
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That's quite a clean out.

I think the majority of them (Ahern, Daw, Durdin, Jacobs, Macmillan, Pittard, Williams, Wood) still might find a role somewhere...

What is your (and other North fans') opinion on the purge?
I would have kept Daw and Pittard, but that is me.

Most know it has to happen and they have been on thin ice all year.

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Jul 5, 2011
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I would have kept Daw and Pittard, but that is me.

Most know it has to happen and they have been on thin ice all year.
In retrospect a few of them are probably past it or just not good enough, and there are the list cuts next year - but still, those are deep deep cuts. At least Shaw gets the opportunity to assemble his own team I suppose...


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May 16, 2016
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I'm surprised they didn't try to trade some of these guys.

Some of them have been low on form/injury issues and what not, but they are still good players and I think other teams could take them in. 2 years ago Jacobs was touted as the best tagger in the AFL. MacMillain was a good defender. Pittard is not a bad player. Daw is a good player too. Even someone like Mason Wood... a team desperate for a forward would probably take him.

I should clarify I'm not spruiking Mason Wood. But I do believe teams would see a player like that as someone they can use. His kicking is his downside. He can mark and has some speed. Again... surprised North didn't try to trade some of these guys for more draft picks.
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