Preview 2020 Round 12 Richmond vs Gold Coast SUNS - GABBA, 7:10pm Mon. 17/08

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Jul 15, 2014
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Who do you think we'll knock out? Brisbane?
West Coast and St Kilda can easily lose their spots to us as one of them depends on us beating them (West Coast) and the other depends on Brisbane (St Kilda). If we beat them directly in a couple of weeks and Brisbane beat St Kilda at home then we’d be ahead of them by half a game provided that we beat Gold Coast and Essendon.

I guess what I am saying is that there is plenty of time and opportunity for us to make the top 4. If we do win 3 in a row though (Gold Coast, Essendon and West Coast) then we probably need to win every game from there in order to maintain our position. Fremantle and Adelaide are manageable, but Geelong would be a tough one.

The other top 6 teams aren’t looking like they’ll drop a whole lot, so tomorrow’s and next Saturday’s games are must-win games.


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Jun 28, 2020
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As crazy as this sounds I've always thought George could offer us something playing a bit more time in the midfield. He's taller than you think, (just on 6 foot) yeah he's kicking can be suss but the ball has a tendency to follow him when he's on. Maybe tomorrow night we try something a bit different. And yeah Graham might be slow but he does of lot of the 1 percenters that go unnoticed and he can kick a goal going forward (remember the 2017 GF) so we have some options to try. Might as well find out now.
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Jun 2, 2012
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I feel Caddy is a little stiff but I don’t mind Dimma showing he’s not afraid to drop players.

I feel a little sorry for Ross too but we got absolutely smashed in the clearances last week so something had to change.

I always want to steer clear from bashing any Richmond players but Eggy was really poor last week so the change had to be made. Markov may struggle to hold his place as soon as Houli’s back. However who could’ve imagined Townsend becoming such an integral part of our side when he came in for Caddy at a similar point in our 2017 season.


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In what capacity?

You guys have benefited far more from the AFL's random priority pick allocation policy across the past 10 years that we have. Noah Anderson and Jeremy Sharp this year have come to the club by way of priority picks. The rest of our players are purely as the result of finishing down the bottom / having our players leave. The same way that every other club gets picks.

From the Deledio #1 priority pick, you guys got his excellent play for 10 years, eventually trading him on for Josh Caddy and a 3rd round pick which got traded forward a few years (couldn't work out where it ended up) so, whilst we may see the benefit of 'gifts' from the AFL in coming years, you've benefited far more over the duration of the Suns existence to date.
If there were no priority picks, we still would have taken Deledio. Tambling was the bonus player we got that year.


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Jun 13, 2018
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Pleased by the changes.
They've rejigged the side to make it slightly more defensive, Caddy was an extra forward in the make up.
Markov replaces Egg.
Cotchin, Graham both play more central than forward.
Players like Markov, Egg, Higgins, Caddy, Ross, Graham, rotated from week to week.
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