Analysis 2020 - The Year from Hell [MOD WARNING: NO TROLLS]

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Jun 19, 2007
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Put a torch to 2020, I wouldn’t be too concerned about this season. It’s been so unpredictable and unstable, I can’t think of one thing that’s happened this year in or out of footy that I would want to revisit again in the future. I’m still of the belief the season shouldn’t have even gone ahead but it did and we live with it. It just feels like a pre-season round-robin style sh*t fight to to reduce the haemorrhaging of cash out of the AFLs pockets.

Meh, I can’t wait until the season is over, this year has really shown how little of importance footy is in the grand scheme of things.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 31, 2014
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Rabbitohs, Liverpool, Phoenix Suns
My concern with season is that when things go wrong we have had individuals who have struggled to get back into the game. I'm happy to put a line through this season and not have to look back. It's been frustrating to watch us deviate from the exciting brand of footy that we have seen in previous years.

Many of our "stars" have really underperformed while the blue collar type workers like Perryman and Daniels have shown their strengths and value to the club.

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