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Aug 26, 2004
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Same principle as the Bluemour File - this thread is for TRAINING REPORTS ONLY

No discussion is to take place in this thread!

All discussion goes over here:

It's an easy reference point for training reports without having to sift through pages & pages of posts.

By all means copy and paste training reports from this thread using #TrackTalk hashtag which can be referenced back for discussion in the 'Pre-Season 2020 - Training reports, pics etc' thread & vice versa:-

This will be a valuable reference tool for those of us that love reading training reports and can't make it to training sessions whether it be to due to work commitments, living interstate etc.

The time and effort our posters put in attending training sessions and keep us up to date on how our players/new recruits are tracking is invaluable and we all love reading their informative training reports.

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Sep 21, 2012
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For the time poor poster or lurker, I give you the first bit of #TrackTalk for the preseason, care of windows1
Stockers kicking superb today. Elite. Looked fit.

Cunners and Setters looked outstanding. My on-site observer (I wasn’t there) suggested “if I had to pick between Setters and Walsh today I’d pick Setters”. Funeral for said observer is next Tuesday.

Weitering was said to be build like ‘a Coke Machine’. Kicking elite. Just looked the best player out there apparnelty.

Dow....hasn’t fixed his kicking yet. Has put on a bit of upper body muscle.

Fish looked good. Strong and fit.

That’s about it.
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