Review 2020 was....

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The Other Dean

Whirling Dervish
May 29, 2006
Hippos, Hungary
AFL Club
North Melbourne
First off, really sorry to hear about the rough time you've had this year, SoS. Sincere best wishes to you and your family.

Won't bore anyone with the details but, yeah, it hasn't exactly been a year to write home about. And if for some reason I were to do so, that letter would probably just say 'Dear Home, 2020 sucked balls. The end.'

But hey, I'm a 'glass 3/4 full' kind of guy so I prefer not to dwell. Instead I try to focus on the handful of positives that this covid-affected year has delivered....

Not having to catch up and socialize with boring acquaintances out of a sense of obligation? Enjoyed that a lot.

Having a good excuse to lay around, smoke bud, and watch a shitload of NBA? Enjoyed that, too.

Trump losing the US election? Nigh on impossible not to enjoy that.

And of course best of all.......early Super?

Now bring on 2021 - The Year Of Exorbitantly-Priced Overseas Travel.

(*nods knowingly at early Super stash*)

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