2020 Yearly review. The good, the bad and the ugly.

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 14, 2012
The "Elephant" in the room.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
The Good: (6-7-8) Ratings Out of Ten (Remember i am a hard marker and renowned cruel bastard):

Caleb Daniel: Exceptional year with a role to enhance the efficiency of team function through transition, found out late. (8/10)

Marcus Bontempelli: Some good and some average performances, not as many goals as previous years. (7/10)
Alex Keath: Transformed into a key defender not his usual role, but pivotal and reliable if not always comfortable. (7/10)
Tom Liberatore: Surprised by his year and pleasantly did not expect him to regain his mojo after the injuries. (7/10)
Jackson Macrae: The god of accumulation and consistency who like the song "Old man river" just keeps rolling along. (7/10)
Bailey Williams: Stepped up, lock in defence found his mojo, stepped out of his own shadow. (7/10)
Laitham Vandermeer: Surprise packet "Big Kev" award winner I'm excited. (7/10)

Hayden Crozier: Good player who had an almost year disrupted in every imaginable way sadly. (6/10)
Tim English: Jack of all trades, good around the ground owned in the ruck, needs to come on. (6/10)
Lachie Hunter: Of field incident totaled his year, fought back well in the end like a man. (6/10)
Bailey Smith: Started well, but the nature of the season may have affected him, going to be good. (6/10)
Mitch Wallis: Led the goal kicking, but volumes are still too low for me to be convinced. (6/10)

The Bad and the ugly can be the rest for a variety of reasons, but they know if they grease the palm they can climb back into the good books and gain the respect of not only their teammates, but more importantly the man in the mirror who is the ultimate judge.

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