Fantasy 2021 — ALPHA League - Discussion

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Mar 28, 2006
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And a way too early mock.

Dspeed with no real need for qb trades with manureid.
1 - manureid Lawrence
2 - gg could literally pick anyone here, I reckon he’ll go with whichever qb is closest to a start, otherwise another candidate for a trade. - Wilson
3 - Wizard whichever of Fields/Wilson gg doesn’t pick.
4 - PB unless there’s another clear path to a start for a qb will take the bpa and that’s Chase.
5 - dspeed biggest need at rb, Williams
6 - tgbb Lance
7 - Balmain I reckon more of a need at rb than anywhere else, Harris.
8 - stuxnet bpa maybe Bateman depending on landing spot.
9 - drd wr biggest need, Moore or Marshall depending on landing spot.
10 - Lenny throw a dart at Jones
11 - dagless bpa Etienne.
12 - please please be there Pitts!
Post draft updated mock?

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Feb 16, 2001
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Post draft updated mock?
Bearing in mind this is what I would do -

1 Dspeed with one fantastic trade now has the need in this league for a 3rd QB, and for mine, the pick is Fields.

2 - Tuna has a hole at QB, easy pick Lawrence. Did I miss how gg gave this one up?

3 - Warriors also have a QB need, this is where it just comes down to preference. Jets being Jets, I'd go with Lance, even though he may sit this season.

4 - In what's becoming a trend, Domination also has QB needs. I'd either pick Wilson and hope for the best, or offer someone (like me!) the pick for 1.12 and see if I'd throw in Rodgers & a Gibson/Cooks. I probably wouldn't do that so we'll stick with Wilson as the pick.

5 - Cursed are a pretty ordinary roster. I'd start by offering a TE needy team one of Geseicki/Waller for a WR2 or RB2 who would probably be the best at either position on this squad. This is a multi year rebuild, I'd nearly even offer this pick + for multiple picks next year, try and get as many future firsts as possible. Honestly, there is nobody on the squad I wouldn't look to trade for a rebuild. I dunno, let's say the pick is kept, I'd probably lean towards the safest at this stage, and someone who may still be in the league for when my rebuild sees a climb. Jamaar Chase.

6 - Dspeed, thanks to his fantastic trading has a terrific choice here - trade the pick for 1.12+, or take his pick of the RBs to pair with JT going forward? If the pick stays, I'd probably go with Etienne - although JRob is a roadblock, draft capital and talent is the way to go.

7 - Balmain has needs everywhere besides TE - the most important position in Alpha is QB, we'll take a chance on Belichick and pick Mac Jones.

8 - Tuna biggest hole at this stage is RB, which is great for him because it makes Najee Harris a very easy pick.

9 - Domination gets another crack, with a lot of needs I'd probably try to trade out again for multiple players/picks. If he stays, go with the BPA, who I think is Waddle.

10 - Damn you Lenny - with no QB worth having a shot at this stage, you scoop up who I really wanted to fall to me - Pitts.

11 - Cursed as mentioned earlier should be in full rebuild mode. I'd pair Chase with a RB, Javonte Williams.

12 - With Pitts off the board, I'll be offering the pick up to the highest bidder with emphasis on next year Rd1 picks and hope somebody I like drops. If I stay here, Id likely take a shot at the future and take Kellen Mond, who I'm pretty sure would go somewhere in the 2nd round of this format.

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