Meltdown 2021/22 Encouragement Award™️

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Aug 11, 2006
Democratic People's Republic of Victoria
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West Coast
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Nobby saying why aren't people giving any recognition to Christian Kirk when discussing the best WRs in last years rookie class another
Despite it being a bit old to be nominated, I'm very happy for this to stand, cos it's a good example of what the Encouragement Award should be IMO.

As Blacky has said in the OP, it shouldn't be used as a device to bully or belittle people - it should be used to have some fun with blatantly boneheaded calls. (And if it's directed at a board vet who 1) should've known better, and 2) can handle justified ridicule - even better.)

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Community Leader
Feb 7, 2010
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Green Bay Packers, Stanford
boy are we going to get some takes in the next few weeks. based on preseason form or how players play in week 1.

at least 1 vet will get called washed for a sluggish game week 1 since they didnt take any snaps in preseason, then by week 4 will be back to what you expect from them

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