Training 2021/22 Preseason Thread Lessssf*ngo

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Krakouers favourite poster
Dec 15, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Comben is looking more like a log everyday rather than a stick

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All Australian
Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria
AFL Club
North Melbourne
He wasn't there for very long on Monday. Did a few laps and went inside. Not sure if he's 100% yet
Yep, and only really noticed Zurhaar running laps today so it seems weird that Will would warm up and then not participate in much else. Unless again I totally missed him which is quite possible!


Premiership Player
Aug 13, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I'm trying to work out who this is.
Reckon it's simpkin due to the wrist tat but the body looks different.

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Heaps of fun

Goatered on the sticks
Sep 13, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Larkey is so smooth for a big guy. His running is critically under rated. We start winning the ball, CCJ or X stand up and
Larkey will dominate. Can’t see Coleman odds on Sportsbet, anyone got some odds? He’ll be a good bet.
Yeah, I think sometimes we forget that he was an athletic project utility type that even played wing in juniors. His ball-winning at AFL level hasn't shown that but playing in a winning team could hopefully help that and he still hasn't finished developing.

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