Player Watch 2021 AFL Draft

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Apr 25, 2010
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May 5, 2014
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Worst comes to worst, we get Sinn, who is what we need as well, big, fast and a good user of the ball
I agree with this. I believe we need desperately a really creative and clean midfielder. We have a lot of grunt, power and clearance players, but need the player who can fire low sharp darts into the forward line.

I only we could clone Sam Mitchell over and over and over :p

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Apr 19, 2006
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Be great if North panic into selecting a KP after not picking Mcdonald last year and the best midfielder slides to last (based on the draft being midfielder heavy)
The top 6-8 players all said to be mids.

they’d be reaching to take a tall over one of Horne, Sinn or Sonsie at this stage ....but I guess we know they have form with the Logan/Phillips pick.


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Aug 9, 2017
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That 2nd highlight is legitimately one of the most cooked things I've ever seen on a footy field lol

Man that 2nd clip is the sort of thing you do in a video game whilst thinking 'lmfao this is so unrealistic you can't do that sh*t in real life...'

The poise, class and skill to go with the athleticism to get it done, he is a really really special talent.

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