2021 AFL Finals Umpiring

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All Australian
Oct 5, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Can someone explain to me why blocking is outlawed?

shepherding within reasonable distance to the ball has always been allowed, and there’s nothing unfair about both teams being allowed to block. To my eye, allowing it in marking & ruck contests would lead to more marks, more scoring and cleaner play. And most importantly, less flow-killing, atmosphere-killing, randomly adjudicated frees.

Some Idiot

Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 17, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Whether we think it’s right or wrong, this is one thing they have been consistent with all season. Don’t get me wrong, I hate it but the ump was always gonna pay it.
Agreed, it's the wrong call according to the rules (even with the change to insufficient intent, he clearly swung his foot inboard) but they have paid a free kick for that about 75% of the time in that situation this season.

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All Australian
Apr 19, 2017
AFL Club
People make excuses for the umpires saying it's a tough game to umpire. However, there's no excuse for making pre-meditated, concious decisions before the match even begins, to say to themselves, "right, a short kick in the backlines I will call not 15 play on. However, if it's in the forward 50, I will call a mark, because we want more goals".
Zero integrity.


All Australian
Aug 24, 2020
AFL Club
West Coast
Mollison the best umpire of the Grand Final. Surely the beginning of many Grand Finals for him.

Other 2 are getting older. Should retire within the next 5 or so years. 😂

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